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4 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Five Star Hotel

Hotel Bedroom

Ever stayed in a five-star hotel and gone back to your house feeling like your bedroom wasn’t cool enough anymore? Almost all of us have been in such a situation before where we just wanted to get back to that nice, luxurious five-star hotel room instead of staying on our own.

But you know what? You don’t have to yearn to go back to that five-star hotel room just for a couple of days more when you can just turn your own room into a five-star hotel?

A set of great-quality pillows and luxurious yet comfy bedsheets are what separates 5-star hotels from regular households. Sleepcosee is working hard to thin down this difference every single day.

Yes, here we have some useful tips for you to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel!

1.Planning the space

Planning the space

Of course, it’s your bedroom, but sleeping isn’t all that it’s meant for! In any standard, luxurious bedroom, you will find a little space designated for several other things - seats or chair and table for reading, desk and chair for working, dressing table and stool for grooming, a spacious empty place for using the bed rug.

If you want to design your bedroom to look like a luxurious five-star hotel room, you have to decide what facilities you want in your room. The expert tip would be to keep it as spacious as possible. Therefore, if you are sure you won’t be needing more than a single chair, then don’t add extras! Less is always more!

2.Make it comfortable

Make it comfortable

What is a luxury, if not an advanced sense of comfort in every way? Make your room as comfortable as you can, from bedding to the temperature of the room. The room should be well ventilated and a warm carpet or rug should be used to make it look and feel more inviting.

Pay attention to the curtains you use in the room - they should match well with the color primarily used in the room overall. Using correct color combinations can actually make one big difference in how it affects your mood. What’s luxurious, should look and feel luxurious and comfortable.

Remember, beds cover almost two-thirds of a bedroom. The bed linen that you choose is equally important. Make sure you choose well-made bedsheets that look and feel luxurious.

Lighting alone can highly impact the mood of your bedroom. Make sure the room is well lighted and if possible, use sconces for lighting the room at night.

3. The Bed

3. The Bed Cloud

The bed is the most essential part of the room - it’s basically the center of the room where anyone’s eyes will naturally go when entering. Our aim is to create hotel-like bedding sets to work on your bed.

Get the best bed that you can afford to buy and make sure the mattress is of superior quality - a bad quality mattress can cause back pain issues in the long run.

Use the top quality bedding - the linens in hotels are always fresh and clean and that’s what you have to achieve too.

Make sure you have centered four pillows on the bed, two on each side of the mattress, evenly placed. We recommend using white bed sheets for the bed. As you might have already noticed, hotels use white bed sheets because they look clean and fresh and it’s easier to spot when they get dirty and need to be washed.

You can check out the luxurious bedding gear offered by SleepCosee to help you pick the best from the many options available!



The attached bathroom can really make or break the ‘luxury’ factor of your room single-handedly. Can you imagine entering a dirty or smelly bathroom right from a beautiful bedroom?

Exactly. It’s a very uninviting experience, to say the least. To make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious, start out by cleaning and glowing it up.

  • Make sure all the tiles are not just clean but shining brightly too.

  • Make sure there is no weird smell lingering in the bathroom - keep it well aerated.

  • Always keep extra clean towels for use.

  • Also, keep the bathroom supplies neatly stacked on the counter - if they look messy, your bathroom will feel messy.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how old your bedroom is. You can always elevate the way it looks and feels by choosing custom products. Sometimes all you need is a great set of luxurious quality pillows.

These are your best tips to create a luxury hotel feel in your bedroom. Apart from these, if you can also think of some things, then don’t hold back from experimenting. After all, it’s your bedroom and the idea of luxury should be yours too!

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