Did Quarantine Mess Up Your Sleep Schedule? 7 Tips To Get Back On Track

Did Quarantine Mess Up Your Sleep Schedule?The coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm and no one even knew what hit us. It took us a lot of time to regain control over the situation and to start looking for solutions.

Companies started encouraging the "work from home" culture and educational institutions around the world came to a halt.

This completely turned over our sleeping schedules and to be honest, most of us would have become nocturnal over the last few months.

If you so badly want to come out of this and go back to having a healthy sleeping pattern, this post is just for you.

1. Watch What You Do 1 Hour Before You Sleep

Watch What You Do 1 Hour Before You SleepMost of us are so used to staring at our mobile & laptop screens without knowing the impact it has on our health. You'll have to put your eyes to rest even before you sleep.

The blue light that most electronics emit is causing your eyes to strain and makes it so hard for you to sleep later. Read a book and maybe try writing a journal one hour before you sleep to set the right mood.

2. Refurbish Your Bedroom

Refurbish Your BedroomNot having a proper bedroom environment is a major reason why most people lack sleep. A dark and cool room has great potential to get you out of insomnia.

Make sure you have a pleasant fragrance that's also not too strong. If your pillows and mattresses aren't fluffy enough, get new ones or try washing the old ones. Also, ensure that your room stays neat and not clogged up with things.

3. Do Not Take Short Naps Through The Day

Do Not Take Short Naps Through The DayYour body has a natural clock inside of it which tracks a lot of important biological activities.

By taking short naps throughout the day, you are confusing your own bio-rhythm.

Also, every time you take a nap, you are going to receive a short spike of energy that's going to keep you active for the next few hours.

4. Get All The Caffeine Out Of Your System

Get All The Caffeine Out Of Your SystemIf you are planning on regaining control over your sleep cycle, you'll have to stop consuming caffeine hours before your intended sleep time.

Energy drinks and coffee are some of the most common sources of caffeine that youngsters get addicted to. Caffeine is a stimulant which keeps you active when present in your bloodstream.

Even if you manage to sleep, it might affect your ability to go into the REM cycle.

5. Do Not Hesitate To Go To Bed When You’re Tired

Do Not Hesitate To Go To Bed When You’re TiredDo not force yourself to sleep immediately after you lie on the bed. This is only going to get you frustrated and further delay your sleep routine.

If you find it hard to sleep, wake up and work for a while but don't do anything too intensive.

Reading a few pages of your favourite book or listening to pleasant music is probably the best way to go. Also, plan your day beforehand & don't keep yourself awake when you feel like sleeping.

6. Keep A Note On Your Water Intake

Keep A Note On Your Water IntakeYou'll have to make sure that you consume your body's minimum water requirement but instead of loading it all up at once, divide them into equal portions and consume it throughout the day.

If you drink too much water before you sleep, you might have to wake up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself.

7. Stretch Your Body Atleast For A Bit

Stretch Your Body Atleast For A BitWhile working out, you are going to tear down a lot of muscle fibres and deplete most of the glucose that's there in your system.

This is one of the most natural ways of tricking your body into taking more rest. When your body starts recovering, you are going to feel depleted and tired to the point where you'll feel like you have nothing left to do but to sleep.


sleepcoseeYou can go back to having a healthy sleep cycle if you have the will for it. All you have to do is to plan your day and stick to it no matter the circumstances.

Restrict staring at your mobile phones and doing any sort of high-intensity physical activities at least an hour before you sleep.

Make sure you have a pleasant environment around you to keep yourself free from anxiety and stress.

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