How to get the most mileage from bedsheets?

How to get the most mileage from bedsheets?

How to get the most mileage from bedsheets?

Bedding is a style statement for your bedroom. Many studies have been conducted and novels are written about how making your bed first thing in the morning benefits your whole day.

Whether you choose vintage interiors or modern chic designs, the way you style your bed tells a lot more about you. There are various ways in which you can style your bed. If you are a perfectionist you would like your bed to be crease-free, with pillows stacked nicely in order and corners neatly pressed under the mattress. If you are a lively person, you would like your bedding to portray the same with accent pillows, decorative cushions, and flared bed skirts.

make your bedroom feel like a five star hotel

With time we like a little bit of change here and there as well. You can bring change in interiors, furniture, and other minor details. In simple steps you can make your bedroom feel like a five star hotel. But restyling time and again is an expensive affair, isn't it? What if we said, you can have a new look with the bare minimum investment. Surprised? Read along to know more.

You can create a colorful bedroom by mixing and matching different shades. You can use plain with patterns and textures. Here are some tricks that you might love to experiment with.



A single-color palette will keep your bed looking unique. It will also allow you to try new patterns and scales. Begin with a solid-colored foundation, then layer in prints, and finish with texture for contrast.

Various bedding color combinations can be used. Start with a beige bedspread, use gray or pastel pink colored pillows. Choose a comforter in gray.

Another combination you can try is to go all pastel shades of pillows from green, gray, pink, and blue. Choose a light-colored bed sheet with minimal techniques like small checkers or light and thin stripes.

You can match shades with bedsheets. Spread blue bed sheets and use light blue pillows with a green-shaded comforter. This color combo will brighten up your bedding.

dark royal color bedsheet

If you love dark royal colors. It is time for you to use it on your bed. Colors like Navy blue and peacock green bring out a cozy feeling with elegance.

If you wish to lighten up your room with bright colors choose a warm palette. Select shades of brown pillows with a yellow ochre bed sheet. Add some throw pillows with tints of orange.


Indian households prefer prints over plains. Geometric prints, Busy florals, and patchworks are some of the most bought bedsheets. These prints look best when stirred with easy gingham or stripes. Bedsheets are most of the time accompanied by matching pillows covers. If you want to emphasize the details, you can choose a single color for pillows. Or go for a contrast color palette entirely. You can maintain the combination with a selection of a few basic colours.

plain and printed bedsheets

Floral patterns with a white background and colorful flowers can be accompanied by plain pillowcases. You can opt for pillowcases with trimmings and textures.

Geometric designs can accommodate several colors. If you choose hues of light green for your bed sheet, use a lemon yellow for a pillow. This way you would be sticking to the same palette and playing with colors at the same time.


There are several embroidered sheet styles to choose from. Delicate borders of creepers or vine designs on the plain beige or white bed sheet. This will create a hotel sophistication in your room. A bright-colored patchwork on pillowcases can intensify the color.

bright-colored patchwork on pillowcases

You can shuffle your pillowcases based on the color scheme used in embroidery. This simple decoration is a quick and easy way to add a splash of color. Choose a color that can transition from one season to the next if you change your duvet cover or quilt. You can opt for embroidered cushions to accentuate the look of your bedroom.

tiny designs embroidered as the border of the pillows and bedsheets

You can also opt for tiny designs embroidered as the border of the pillows and bedsheets. This set of bedding can be accompanied by shiny colored throw cushions. The combination of embroidery and bright cushions will make your bedroom look alive and festive.

When investing in new bedding, you can select the Jaipuri-designed sheets or hand sewn bedsheets. They have unique vector and ethnic drawings which have borders sewn with simple stitches and basic thread colors.


When you don't feel like spending too much on bedsheets. Or in case you already have a hoard of bedsheets, change one aspect of your bedding. Which one do you ask? The shams.

Pillow Shams

Shams are great to help amplify the style of your bedding. These vibrant pillow covers can add a splash of color, seasonal flair, or even a monogram – the possibilities are endless!

decorate your bed

With shams, you can decorate your bed. You can use them as a platform to stack your pillows above. Or just place them to hide your pillows. Place your accent pillows in front of them and then decorative ones. You can arrange pillows in multiple combinations. Create your style the way you like it.

small basket to accommodate your decor cushions

Keeping so many pillows is fun during the day. But in case you feel that they are too much at night, keep a small basket to accommodate your decor cushions at night. This way they are out of the way at night and ready to be put up on the bed every morning.



Although Indian weather does not require carpets in every household. You can invest in them for decor purposes. If your bedroom has a large area, plush rugs, or designed carpets will define your bed space. If not rugs, you can invest in a few mats that can be placed by the bed.

With a little bit of mixing you can get the best possible results. Optimum utilisation of the available resources is a good way of life. You can read more on how to reuse your old bedsheets.

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