About us

A dream was pursued 4 decades back with the able vision & efforts of Late Shri Basudev ji Gupta to establish a business house that touches the daily lives of people. With his founding vision and the principles upheld by the next 2 generations, this business diversified into production of polyester fibers, real estate & packaging ancillary units and collectively called the Shree Shyam Group.

With this legacy & vision, Shree Shyam Group has now envisaged a new brand of Pillows labeled as “COSEE” that is redefining the way people look at sleep products. With advanced research on Sleeping patterns, habits and health factors COSEE are much more than just products; they are Sleep Gears in a true sense. Seeing the success in the Pillows division, they group has further integrated with top notch manufacturers & designers worldwide.

Today they have Bed Lenin, Waterproof Protectors, Cotton Dohars, Comforters, Top Sheet, & Baby Dry Sheet. They are further looking at launch of Exclusive range of Mattress, which would redefine the term SLEEP !