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Quick baby dry sheet

Quick baby dry sheet

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Good night to you and your baby with the baby dry sheet!

Having a baby is nothing less than a blessing along with a baby dry sheet, as a little buddle joy comes with big deals first and foremost sleeping issues. A parent cannot sleep if the baby is wide awake and crying. At night baby usually cries because of wet sheets. So, when it comes to baby dry sheets, you should compromise. As, new Born Babies are the most vulnerable when it comes to allergies, skin rashes, and infections. 

The damage which a cheap and low-quality product can cause to a baby’s skin and body might last for a lifetime. COSEE dry sheets are designed with care, making them not just useful for babies.


We have specially designed dry sheets for Adults/ Elders/ Senior citizens and patients who need an extra level of protection. This is exactly why it is important to choose products that can absorb urine, sweat, and fluid spillage by promoting good airflow. 

It is extremely rare to find products that can be soft and gentle over the baby’s delicate skin while also offering protection against germs and microbes.

Most products that are available for a cheap price are not versatile. Instead, you need to invest in a Baby Dry Sheet which has numerous applications.

Our quick dry sheet can be used in your baby’s crib, baby stroller, bed, or in your car seat.

Peach Velvet Pleasure 

The Peach velvet finish given to the fabric saves your baby from any minute scratches or rashes which a normal cloth would cause. No one knows what’s best for your baby other than us. With our baby dry sheets, your baby is super safe.

Skin-Friendly And Gentle

COSEE Baby Dry Sheets are a product of extensive research in understanding the gentle skin of babies. We have ruled out any factors which might cause discomfort or hurt the baby even in the slightest way. 

The materials used in its making have a gentle effect on the skin of your baby. The peach velvet fabric is completely reliable even for the delicate skin of newborns as there is no risk of rashes or abrasion.

Breathable And Waterproof

Babies are prone to frequent urination, vomiting, and diarrhea. They need a fabric that can tolerate the fluids in emergencies without causing any toxic reactions. The waterproof fabric allows no stagnation of body fluids and also prevents any excess moisture from getting in.

The breathable fabric which is used in our dry sheets promotes good airflow. This allows the fluids to dry immediately preventing any temporary reactions. They also help in regulating the body temperature of your baby. This is also ideal in the case of elders and patients.

No Room For Bad Odour

The breathable fabric allows a stable airflow which keeps any bad odor from developing. They provide an absolute non-toxic environment for your babies to stay healthy and comfortable in. 

Completely Versatile

Dry Sheets for Babies are helpful on various occasions. It can be used to convert any place into an ideal environment for your babies. This includes strollers, car seats, your baby’s bed, etc. 

And it is not just limited to your babies. This can do wonders for any elders or patients in your home. The dry sheets would help them stay healthy without causing any discomfort.

Wash Them With Little Effort

One major advantage of using our dry sheets is, washing them involves no special procedures. You can wash our sheets using a traditional washing machine and they’ll remain just as new without losing any of their gentle properties.

Baby Dry Sheet


100% Breathable
Machine Washable
100% Waterproof

Available Sizes- S,M,L
Baby Dry Sheet Small: 70X50 cm
Baby Dry Sheet Medium: 70X100 cm
Baby Dry Sheet Large: 140X100 cm
Baby Dry Sheet Large: 140X200 cm

Available in 10 Colors

Soft & Skin Friendly

COSEE’s baby dry sheets come in peach velvet fabric that soothes your baby’s body and ensures no skin irritations

Free of Water Stagnation

The waterproof fabric tolerate the fluids of babies, removes excess moisture and doesn’t result in toxic reactions

No bad odours

The breathable fabric allows no different odour to develop with its  stable  airflow and keeps up the healthy environment

Serves Multiple purposes

COSEE’s dry sheets can be used anywhere for the comfort of babies and even for elders or patients

Our Dry Sheets Always Offer The Best For Your Babies!

Mattress Protector for Babies!

Your Babies Are Safe With Us!


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