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Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

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Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

A Uniquely crafted foam - Bunk Dual Coir Mattress


Coir Mattresses are 100% of Indian origin. The first Coir mattress was introduced in 1859. Several variations and additions have been made ever since. 

The natural fiber known as coir, which is derived by removing the husk from coconuts, is used to make coir foam mattresses. Because of this, the Bunk Dual Coir mattress is firm and excellent for your health.


Some of the features of the Bunk Dual Coir Mattress are: 

  • Rubberized coir

  • Rubberized coir is a blend of latex and coir. 
  • The use of Rubberized coir is thoroughly planned and distinctly used in making the mattress
  • Ventilation system

  • Coir foam provides ample ventilation.
  • Therefore, you can relax and your body will calm down on its own.
  • Firmness and support

  • For perfect sleep, you need perfect posture.
  • Cosee's Bunk Dual Coir Mattress contributes a lot to your back pain.
  • It is sufficiently hard for you to sleep comfortably in any position. 
  • Dual-sided function

  • The Bunk Dual Coir Mattress has two sets of foam, One on each side. 


This mattress has been a favorite of Indian dreams for the past 100 years. Book your Bunk Dual Coir Mattress today and enjoy the long-awaited bedtime.