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Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

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Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

A Uniquely crafted foam - Bunk Dual Coir Mattress

 Coir Mattresses are 100% of Indian origin. The first Coir mattress was introduced in 1859. Several variations and additions have been made ever since. 

The natural fiber known as coir, which is derived by removing the husk from coconuts, is used to make coir foam mattresses. Because of this, the Bunk Dual Coir mattress is firm and excellent for your health.

 Some of the features of the Bunk Dual Coir Mattress are:

Rubberized Coir:

 Experience the synergy of latex and coir in our rubberized coir blend. This unique composition enhances resilience and comfort, resulting in a mattress that adapts to your body's contours

 Thoughtful Implementation:

 The strategic integration of rubberized coir within the mattress design showcases meticulous planning.

Every element serves a purpose in delivering a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.

 Natural Ventilation System:

 Benefit from the natural airflow properties of coir foam, ensuring effective ventilation throughout the mattress.

As a result, you can relax and experience a calming sensation as your body remains cool during sleep.

 Enhanced Relaxation:

 The combination of rubberized coir and coir foam provides a balance between firmness and comfort, creating an environment conducive to unwinding.

Enjoy the tranquility that comes naturally with our mattress.

 Firmness and Support:

 Prioritize your spinal health with the Bunk Dual Coir Mattress.

Its carefully designed structure offers the necessary firmness to support your back, potentially alleviating discomfort and promoting proper posture.

 Optimal Posture:

 Experience the joy of waking up refreshed as the Bunk Dual Coir Mattress contributes to maintaining optimal sleep posture.

Its firmness and support ensure your body rests in a position that encourages rejuvenation

 Dual-Sided Design:

 The Bunk Dual Coir Mattress is thoughtfully crafted with two sets of foam on each side.

This dual-sided feature allows you to choose the preferred comfort level according to your needs, ensuring a versatile sleep experience.

This mattress has been a favorite of Indian dreams for the past 100 years. Book your Bunk Dual Coir Mattress today and enjoy the long-awaited bedtime.


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