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Cosee Basic Micro Fiber White Pillow

Cosee Basic Micro Fiber White Pillow

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With Basic Pillow, Every Night is a Delight 

Sleepless nights ruining your day? Then, you need to change your sleeping environment, or else it may get even worse. 

Waking up fresh and energetic is a dream for many, Not for you anymore. As you have Cosee Micro Fiber Pillow which has one of the best pillows in India.

COSEE Basic Pillow to end all the sleep struggles you are going through every night. 

COSEE Basic microfiber pillow is an economy range product that perfectly adapts to your sleeping style. 

Pressure Point Relief

This pillow soothes the pressure points of your head and offers comfort that lasts a lifetime. Side sleepers, back sleepers, tummy sleepers, the Basic pillow fits well for every type of sleeper. 

Ergonomic Shape and Design 

The Basic pillow is the upgraded version of the Compact pillow and it offers the same degree of comfort you experience with COSEE Compact Pillow Online. The main difference is Basic Pillow comes with a traditional ergonomic design that offers a supportive feel you are craving. 

Hypoallergenic Pillow - Free from Dust Mites 

Our Basic Pillow is made of 100% Cotton and comes with Poly Fibre filling. This perfect combo keeps the pillow free from irritants, allergens, and dust mites that cause skin problems.

Odour Free Pillow 

A normal pillow that you buy at a cheap price smells really bad after a few days of use. But our Basic Pillow is odor free and it is a blend of health and comfort that helps you sleep more deeply. 

Machine Washable 

The perfect blend of high-quality poly fiber and pure cotton makes the pillow machine washable. The pillow gets better after every wash.

Soft and Feels Good 

The poly fibre filling is of top quality and feels soft & comfortable to you. The revolutionary technology used in this pillow improves your sleep quality and gives you the comfort you deserve.

Cosee Basic Pillow


Fabric: 100% Cotton
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size: Standard 69x 43 cm (27 X 17 INCH)
Weight: 675 Grams
Colour: White
Machine Washable: Yes


Anti Microbial
Machine Washable
Air Circulation

Ultimate Comfort
 A soft and fluffy pillow that gives soothing comfort and aids in relaxation after a tiring day.
Ergonomic Design
Specially designed by Orthopaedists to protect your spine with proper alignment and posture.
This ultralight microfibre pillow is made of conjugated hollow fibre, which is soft and breathable.
This luxe-feel pillow is made of high-quality fabric to last long and retain shape even after prolonged use.

 Basic Pillow is a Classic Fiber Pillow 

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