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  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow - SleepCosee
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Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow

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Hugs Your Head With Care & Comfort 

You are the best person who can care about you. Have you ever cared about your head and its comfort? 

More than 60% of office goers suffer from neck pain, back pain and spine issues. Are you one of them?

It’s time to protect your body and give your body the care and comfort it deserves.

After 1000s of customer home visits & 1000s of sleep tests, we have come up with a specially designed head lifter, COSEE Cloud Pillow.  

Cloud pillow comes with the latest pillow technology, filled with special ball fibre makes that pillow ultra-soft and ultra-comfy. 

Ball Fibre Makes You Bounce and Laugh

Remember those childhood days when you put your head & bounce on a new pillow. Nobody forgets those good old days. The traditional ergonomic design and specially made ball fibre make the pillow soft and fluffy. You can laugh, play and forget all your worries.  

Firm, Fluffy, Fantastic 

Our cloud pillow hugs your head and helps you sleep peacefully and comfortably. It feels fluffy to touch and offers firm support to your head, neck and back.

Peach Velvet, The Unfelt Softness 

This on-trend peach velvet pillow adds vibrancy to your living space. The fluffy and spongy feel, lasts a lifetime. The edges are very soft and kids can cuddle and snuggle it. 

Pillow Cover, Why is it Required?

COSEE Cloud Pillow is a dark beauty and you don’t need a pillow cover to hide it. It complements your home decor with its tailored natural look. 

Feels Good, Night After Night

This is a micro-quilted pillow that comes with layers of fibre that lulls you to deep sleep within minutes after you put your head on it. Enjoy the premium comfort and sleep like a baby!

Ultra Lightweight & Long Lasting

This durable pillow is made of 300TC Cotton Fabric which makes it ultra-lightweight. It’s naturally softer and puts your stress & anxiety to rest. 

Machine Washable Pillows

Night after night, wash after wash, our cloud pillow gets better and better. Drop it into your washing machine and dry it. That’s it. Your pillow is clean and ready to embrace your head. 

Goodbye Allergies

Cloud pillow offers firm protection against dust mites, bacteria and allergens that cause allergies, irritation and itchy feel. Better air circulation makes you sleep better. 

Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow


Fabric: 300 TC Cotton Fabric
Filling: Speciality Ball Fibre
Size- Standard 69x 43 cm (27 X 17 INCH)


Ultra-Light Weight
Micro Quilted
Machine Washable Pillows


Bouncy, Fluffy & Fantastic


Made with the fluffiest ball fibre filling in the market, these pillows are firm, elegant & long-lasting.

Soft Like Never Before

The 300TC quilted cotton peach velvet fabric makes these pillows immensely soft and breathable.

Bye To Bad Odour

The fabric is extremely breathable, doesn’t allow microbial growth, and stays fresh all day.

Elegant Yet Versatile

Suitable for all sleep styles, these pillows’ surface is non-slippery and holds the covers in place.

Lift Your Head, Let Cloud Hug It  

Hurry Up! Only A Few Pillows Left!!


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