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  • Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow - SleepCosee
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Cosee Compact Micro Fiber White Pillow

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High On Quality, Low On Price 

Compact Pillow Filled With Comfort

Getting a good night’s sleep is a big deal nowadays. Work pressure, anxiety and machinery lifestyle are affecting your sleep to a great extent. 

It’s time to maintain a perfect sleeping environment to make sure that you have a peaceful sleep. 

The next morning, wake up fresh and work with more energy. Put the lazy you to sleep, let the energetic you achieve great things. 

COSEE Compact Pillow is a budget pillow that offers comfort and a good night’s sleep that boosts your energy level.

Lifelong Lightweight 

COSEE Compact pillow is made of 100% Cotton and the poly fibre filling makes the pillow soft & superb. It is lightweight and it feels good to sleep on it after a tiring day.

High-Quality Product

This pillow is completely responsible for your sleeping comfort. COSEE Compact Pillow is made of pure cotton and it is a perfect gift for cotton lovers.

Dust and Dirt Resistant Pillow

You will be allergy-free and it’s time to say goodbye to sniffles, itchy eyes, and runny nose caused by dust mites. This compact pillow comes with an extra protective layer that acts as a guard against dust, dirt and microbes. 

Peaceful Sleep Guaranteed

The pillow is soft and comfortable, helping you have deep sleep every night. Peace + Comfort + Health = COSEE Compact Pillow. 

Machine Washable Pillows

You can drop this pillow into a washing machine and reduce your burden. The shape and the quality will not be affected and you need not worry about pillow shrinkage anymore.

Proper Air Circulation

The pillow comes with a breathable design which offers a comfortable cushion feel. Proper air circulation ensures that air doesn’t get stuck inside the pillow.

We have only a few pillows in stock due to overwhelming demand from customers like you. 

Cosee Compact Micro Fiber Pillow


Fabric: 100% Cotton
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size: Standard 60x40 cm (24 X 16 INCH)
Weight: 475 Grams
Colour: White


Anti Microbial
Machine Washable
Air Circulation

Ultimate Comfort
 A soft and fluffy pillow that gives soothing comfort and aids in relaxation after a tiring day.
Ergonomic Design
Specially designed by Orthopaedists to protect your spine with proper alignment and posture.
This ultralight microfibre pillow is made of conjugated hollow fibre, which is soft and breathable.
This luxe-feel pillow is made of high-quality fabric to last long and retain shape even after prolonged use.

Sleep Better With COSEE Compact Pillow 

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