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Blend Safety And Comfort Together With Our Disposable Pillows

Do you know your pillows can store thousands of microbes inside it which might later infect someone? Disinfection is a myth and there is always a possibility of infection no matter how much you wash something.

The pandemic is becoming our new normal and we can either adapt or succumb to it. This is no different in the case of your pillows.

Apart from the health perspective, washing your pillows is not going to be an easy task either. Try COSEE Disposable Pillows to ensure a risk-free living for you and your loved ones.

The Best Possible Quality

Considering the disposable nature of the pillows, this is the best-in-class quality that’s currently available in the market.

The non-woven fabric ensures uniformity and enhances the overall tensile strength of your pillows.

When compared to the quality of competing fabrics, our pillows show a higher strength per basis weight. The pillows will maintain their integrity throughout their entire usage period.

Softer Filling To Ensure Comfort

We have made no compromises to the comfort gradient of our pillows. The polyester fibre filling makes them fluffy and soft, to provide you with a fulfilling rest.

They retain their property no matter how long you use them before disposal. The blue fabric that covers the filling gives it a nice minimalistic look to the pillows.

Buy What Fits You

Our pillows come in two different sizes to better suit your needs. Each has its own price differences based on the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

The 24 X 16-inch variant has a price of ₹125 each for a MOQ of 50 which will reduce to ₹105 for a 500+ MOQ. If you are looking for a smaller version, you can opt for the 20 X 14-inch variant which is available for a feeble ₹80 per piece. For a 500+ MOQ, the price will go down to ₹65.

Handles Like A Dream

The overall weight of the pillows is just above 400 grams (425 grams) which is significantly lower than other typical pillows.

You get the same look and feel but for a very cheaper price which is an absolute win-win. Our pillows have a cash and carry based delivery that might include additional transport costs.

Complete Comfort & Supreme Safety At An Affordable Price