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  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow - SleepCosee
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Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillow

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Cosee GOLD PLUS is wrapped in an ultra smooth fabric made with specially developed micro fibre. Designed with a royal quilted finish for a touch of luxury.

Hug Tight, Every Night Your Soft & Fluffy Sleep Partner

Every night is a nightmare when you don’t have a comfortable sleep. 

Waking up tired after a night full of discomfort ruins the entire day because you can’t be brisk and energetic while working. 

Put a full stop to this misery and sleep with a fluffy partner - COSEE Gold Plus Quilted Pillow. 

Sleep like never before and fall in love with our COSEE Luxury pillow which provides ultimate relief from stress, anxiety and pain. 

Comes with supreme ergonomics offering unmatched sleep pleasure every night. 

Superior Support For Neck, Head, and Shoulder 

The size is larger than regular pillows, i.e 72x46 cm (28 X 18 INCH). It is a queen size pillow that offers extra room for your head. This pillow provides superior neck and shoulder support. 

Magical Pain Relief Pillow 

If you are tossing and turning at night due to neck and back pain, then our COSEE Gold Plus Quilted Pillow is made for you. Specially designed to offer extra support for your neck and spine. 

Breath Better, Sleep Better 

Cheap pillow attracts dust and makes it hard to breathe. Don’t struggle to breathe anymore. COSEE Gold Plus Quilted Pillow is here to offer you peaceful sleep. This hypoallergenic pillow keeps dust and dirt at bay and keeps allergy out of the equation.

Wake Up Energetic

This ultra comfort fluffy pillow is made of premium quality Egyptian cotton which is ultra-smooth and enables you to wake up fresh and energetic after a powerful nap.

Royal Quilted Finish For a Touch of Luxury

120 GSM Peached Fabric gives the luxurious touch you desire. Every night is a delightful experience as this pillow hugs your head like a baby. The royal quilted finish entices you to sleep more. 

Sleep Like a Baby, Work Like a Monster 

This authentic pillow adjusts to your sleep pattern better than your sleep partner. Sleep like a baby and experience the magic of deep sleep. Every morning, wake up vibrant and work as a monster. 

Shape Retaining & Super Soft 

The filling quality of this pillow is top-notch and gives you a cushy feel while sleeping. 0.9 Denier Micro Fibre is used for offering luxurious comfort to you and your loved ones. The science behind the design enables the pillow to adapt its shape no matter how you sleep. 

Cushy and Comfy Feel Even After Years

This is not a normal pillow that becomes flat and soggy after a month of use. Proper stitching and quality filling offer comfort and fluffy feel even after years of use. It is durable and wrinkle resistant. 

Looks & Feels Good After Every Wash

If you still feel you want to clean it, just drop it into the washing machine. Our pillow feels new and fresh after every wash.

Truly Yours, Take It 

Our pillow perfectly matches your body weight, height and sleeping position. COSEE Gold Plus Quilted is the perfect pillow you are looking for. 


Filling : 0.9 Denier Micro Fibre

Quilted : 60 GSM Micro Fibre Wadding

Fabric : Egyptian Cotton

Gusset – No

Color : White

Size: 72x46 cm (28 X 18 INCH)

Sleep like a King

Enjoy a luxurious sleep with 120 GSM peached fabric with a royal quilted finish that energizes you every morning

Fluffy & Breathable

A tight hug of these breathable pillows with 0.9 Denier Microfibre comfy fillings make you fast asleep 

Instant Pain relief

The pillows are larger than regular ones to relieve pain and give instant support to the neck, head & shoulder

Stays the same for long

COSEE’s pillows are easy to clean using a machine and looks like a new one after every wash 

Priceless & Luxurious Comfort at Less Price 

Hurry Up! It’s Selling Like Hot Cakes!!