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Lumbar Cushion

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Spice Up Your Space With Lumbar Beauty 

More than half of our life we spend in our living room. So, living space is always close to our heart and it’s the only place where we can express our deep emotions.

How do you want your living place to be? Beautiful or ugly? You want it to be beautiful. For that, you need to bedeck your living room with COSEE Lumbar Cushion that brings an artful appeal and new vibes. 

It’s just not about your living room. You can complement your car, office chair, garden, terrace seating, etc with our Lumbar Pillow and experience the real magic. 

RIP Back Pain 

Let’s keep the aesthetics aside and understand why you’re struggling to find the right sitting position. Almost 75% of working professionals are suffering from back pain. You know why? 

Improper sitting posture is responsible for your back pain. Keep COSEE Lumbar Cushion in your chair and lean on it. 

All your pain is gone. It relieves your pain and offers all-day comfort and keeps you active & energetic. Our pillow comes with Orthopaedic Lumbar Support for a healthy posture and prolonged sitting. 

Versatile Cushion - Anywhere, Everywhere 

The lumbar cushion is super suitable for your living room, car seats, window ledge, furniture, wheelchair, etc. It’s simple you can use this wherever you sit. 

Colossal Gift for Cuddle Lovers 

For cuddle lovers, you can just snuggle this pillow and sleep. The next day you will wake up energetic after a sound sleep. And you will eagerly wait for night to come because you are addicted to cuddling this Lumbar Beauty. 

What is this Magic made of?

It's the same as a regular cushion but comes in rectangle shape instead of Square. The unique designer elements of this cushion enhance the beauty of your home decor. Made of designer fabric, this cushion is a great addition to your living room. 

Allergy Fighter Cushion 

Itchy irritation is the worst thing experienced by most of the people. How to solve this issue? 

Here is COSEE Lumbar Cushion which comes with hypoallergenic properties to resist allergy and keep you healthy. 

The antimicrobial ingredients we use in this cushion kills harmful bacteria to keep you safe. 

Recommended by Physiotherapy Experts 

As this cushion improves blood circulation and aligns your neck, back and spine, physiotherapists suggest you to use it. 

COSEE Lumbar Cushion perfectly adapts to your unique body shape and keeps your back cool and comfortable. 

Sit Upright and Experience Superior Comfort With Lumbar Cushion