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Moulded Memory Foam Pillow

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Cosee MEMORY pillow is suitable for people who experience neck and/or shoulder pain since the close conforming can relax pressure points and help alleviate pain.

How Is Your sleep? Mine Is Awesome With COSEE Memory Pillow!

Amidst all the stress we gather up in our workspace, we all deserve a nice warm sleep. Troubled sleep is one of the major reasons for stress and depression.

Pleasant sleep is critical for you to function at your maximum efficiency. Your pillow has a huge influence on your quality of sleep. This is one such area which you should never compromise!

With Memory Pillow, you do not have to worry about your sleep cycle anymore. The Memory Pillow is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort you deserve. 

The investment you make on buying a Memory Pillow is worth every penny. Once you start using it, you’ll realise how it feels to have a good sleep.

Luxurious and Comfy Fabric

The Memory Pillow feels buttery smooth on your skin owing to the cotton spun fabric. The fabric of these pillows is 100% cotton which completely removes any discomfort you’ve experienced with cheaper quality pillows. 

Say No to Crawling around

The Moulded Memory Foam used in the filling of these pillows offers a cushy and supportive feel to your spine. Do you keep flipping and tossing all over your bed trying to find comfort? With a Memory Pillow, you don’t have to.

The foam imposes less pressure on your body’s pressure points. This provides the user’s with the maximum comfort they can possibly get in a pillow. With a Pressure Equalizing technology, you can be rest assured of equal pressure in all regions

The Pillow which Breathes

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night feeling sultry? We often change positions and change sides. 

The Memory foam promotes good airflow, creating an ideal temperature for you to sleep in. It allows you to sleep peacefully in the same position for longer intervals.

Sleep Safe and Sound

Sleeping is healthy. But not when you sleep in your regular pillows which lets microbes and germs breed. 

Memory Pillow not just feels cosy and snug but also has antimicrobial properties. This prevents infections and feels pleasant every time you sleep on them.

Guaranteed to Stay in Shape

The pillows you find in the market oftentimes shrink and get flattened over time. With a Memory Pillow, you do not have to worry about this anymore. 

These pillows come with a 5-year warranty which stands as a testimony to its supreme quality. 

Designed with Ergonomics

We wake up and feel ourselves having a neck or back pain most of the mornings. The flat ‘one design fits all’ approach is the most probable reason.

The ergonomics with which the Memory Pillow has been designed adapts with your spinal structure and causes no discomfort.

Spine Problems? We got your back!

Almost all our households have elders who suffer from spinal disk problems. When they sleep on pillows which are rigid and flat, it aggravates their pain. 

Memory Pillow is especially known for its orthopaedic support which is best suitable for users with health conditions. Do them a huge favour by buying or gifting them one of our pillows.


Moulded Memory Foam Pillow

Fabric: 100% Cotton Spun
Filling: Calcium Free, Moulded Memory Foam
Size- Standard 66 x 38 cm
Weight: 1200 Grams
Color: White
Warranty: 5 Years

Moulded Memory Foam
Ergonomic Design
Garaunteed No Flat
Pressure Equalizer
Hypo Allergenic
Anti Microbial
100% Breathable Fabric
Orthopaedic Support

Memory Foam Pillow Turns Comfortable Moments Into Long Lasting Memories 

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