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Printed Fitted Bed Sheet

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Fitted Elastic Bed Sheets Gives An Everlasting Experience!

Bed sheets might either make your bedrooms look phenomenal or boring; there is no in-between. Even if you find a good quality bed sheet, it might not have the right colour options to suit your room.  

It is time that you stop compromising and invest in our COSEE Fitted Bed Sheets. We have a wide variety of colours and designs, so you do not have to feel stuck.

Unlike regular sheets, our fitted bed sheets have an elastic fabric. This makes the process of tucking the sheets inside your bed so easy by allowing you to do it with very little effort.

The 400 TC Satin Dyed combed Cotton Fabric forms the base of all our bed sheets.

The combed cotton fabric adds an additional layer of fluff and softness to the sheet. This removes any chance of you having a rash and it is completely safe around kids.

  • Size Available: King & Queen
  • Material: Cotton
  • Thread Count: 400 TC
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash
  • Pack Content: Bedsheet, 2 Pillow Cover

Separate Sizes To Fit Your Needs

Instead of providing you with a "one-size fits all" bed sheet, we offer two different sizes. COSEE Fitted Bed Sheets suit both king and queen size beds.

Our king-size fitted bed sheets  would allow you to have a satisfying fit between the sheet and the bed.

King Size : 198x183x 30 cm

Queen Size : 183x152x30 cm

Designs: Subject to Availability DM for new designs.

Unique Elastic Complexion

COSEE Fitted Bed Sheets have a unique elastic nature to them. Our fitted bed sheet with elastic sets us apart from all the regular sheets which you would've used before.

Elasticity drastically reduces the chances of the sheet getting torn or damaged since they have very high durability. It also makes the process of tucking your sheets inside the bed easier.

Wide Range Of Designs

Choosing the right bed sheet design is a tricky job. But You can never go wrong with these many designs.

There Are Plenty Of Options For You To Choose From, You Can Never Go Wrong!
Grab Yourself A Few And You Would Never Regret!