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Bunk Coir Mattress

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Bunk Coir Mattress


Bunk Coir Mattress

Bunk Coir Mattress - Simply Sophisticated.

Ever wondered why you are having back issues at an early age? Yes, you can blame your old mattress. Coir mattresses have been around for a long time. We are aware of the innumerable uses of the coconut and the coconut tree. Well, the coir is made from the husk of the coconut.

Cosee's Bunk Coir Mattress has advantages of its own. Below are the few mentioned benefits.

  • Firmness

    • Our spinal cord has the S-curve. And it is crucial to maintain it that way.
    • The compact coir gives your vertebral column a perfect firmness and supports the curvature. 
  • Softness of foam

  • If you try to sleep on a plane coir mattress, it is prickly. 
  • A combination of Specialty foam extends the durability of the coir and is not irritable to your body.
  • Rubberized Coir

  • Rubberized Coir is a combination of natural rubber and coir. 
  • It is neither too fluffy nor too tough. 
  • Rubberized coir helps in keeping the mattress in shape.
  • Eco-friendly

  • Coir is made from natural fiber.
  • Hence when you discard the coir mattress, you need not worry about contaminating the environment. 

As the adage goes, " Heath is wealth", a good night's sleep will keep you healthy, and hence wise and wealthy. Make your health a priority and purchasing the Cosee mattress, your top priority.