Waterproof Mattress Protector

Spills & Thrills are not a great combination ! Our mattress protector ensures you can have all the fun you want without it risking your precious mattress.
Cosee Cloud Pillow Cosee Cloud Pillow


Starting from Economy Range of Rs.299, we have 10 more options to make your head rest well for a super comfy sleep.

Decoration Cushion

Bring a taste of luxe to your interiors, with these elegant-looking cushions crafted with special velvet finish


Have a look at our recent arrivals!

  • Jacquard Cushion

    Cuddle It! Snuggle It!! Love It!!!

  • Pillow Protector

    Protect your pillow, safeguard your family

Color Cushions
  • Bolster

    Our Bolsters Help You Say Bye-Bye To Your Back Pains

  • Fitted Bedsheets

    Fitted Elastic Bed Sheets Gives An Everlasting Experience!


Never ever worry about accidental spills from here on

COSEE Waterproof Mattress Protector - Ultimate Protection For Your Marvellous Mattress

Every morning you wake up and see wet patches in your bed. Feeling annoyed won’t solve your problem, COSEE Waterproof Protectors will

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Bed sheets are the most overlooked bedroom accessory. There is no denying the fact that a good bed needs a well-made bed sheet to elevate its look and feel.

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Bring a taste of luxe to your interiors, with these elegant-looking cushions crafted with special velvet finish

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The premium quality materials with these pillows are built will speak for itself. Try it once and I bet you will never regret buying these.

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What our customers say

Dr.Ayaz Akbar
Cosee Platinum Pillows are absolutely gorgeous. I had bought to give to my son but they looked so comfortable, I gave away my pillows which I was using to him and retained the cosee pillows to myself.
Dr.Ayaz Akbar Chairman Oxymed Hospitals, Chennai
Jennifer Augustin
I had recently purchases a cosee mattress protectors, I was surprised to know about the 1000 days warranty. I am using it for 1 year now and seems as good as new, every time we wash it. Hats off Cosee. 
Jennifer Augustin Bangalore
We as a  family love having something super list to cover ourselves with,  when the AC is on during summers. The Doha that I've been using from Cosee is not only soft & light, the kids love them too! Its super easy to wash as well. 
Aathvik Trivandrum
Viral Thakker
I got to know the subtle difference between a pillow & a sack after experiencing the cosee range of pillows. They are indeed the best sleep gears as they call it & genuine as a product. 
Viral Thakker Chennai