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Platinum Quilted Micro Fibre Pillow

Platinum Quilted Micro Fibre Pillow

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Cosee PLATINUM is nothing less than pure luxury with single-needle quilt on Egyptian cotton fabric, filled with premium quality micro fibre.

Your Sleep, Our Promise Let All Your Dreams Come True

You’ve probably been told to have a proper sleep in order to stay healthy. But are you really sleeping “properly”? If you wake up more exhausted than the night before, you definitely need a pillow upgrade.

A good uninterrupted sleep solves almost all of your problems. So what’s holding you back? Get rid of your miserable cheap pillows and make a one-time investment on a Luxury Quilted Pillow.

COSEE Platinum Quilted Pillow offers you an immersive sleep experience which is proven by science. The State of the art materials used in its making will speak for itself.

You’re probably just lying unconscious in your bed and calling it asleep. Try Cosee Platinum Quilted pillow to feel what it’s like to have a good night’s rest. 

Sleep like a King!

Unlike any regular pillows, Quilted pillows go through extensive processing. The fabric is peached which makes them velvet-like. It is then quilted with additional layers making them softer than cotton. 

Not to forget that these pillows come in King-size, literally, with a sufficient 2-inch gusset. The proper pillow weight ensures that they stay in place all night.

Rich Inside Out

Our Quilted Pillows are filled with 100% refined and pure microfibre. Every aspect of these pillows has a touch of luxury while prioritising comfort. 

The Polyfill wadding helps the pillow’s filling to remain intact. It retains the overall quality of the pillow for a long period of time and extends its life.

We got your back. Don’t Worry. 

Pillows tend to cause discomfort because they often have a rigid structure. Platinum Quilted Pillows have a comfortable, ergonomic design. 

They align with your cervical and thoracic region properly leaving no chances for neck and back pains. The high-quality materials used in the pillows make sure they stay the same for extended periods.

Say Bye to Sweating

The microfibre material along with the polyfill wadding helps to equalize the pressure of your body over the pillow. This naturally reduces sweating in the middle of the night and allows you to sleep in peace. 

Not to forget the Egyptian Cotton used in these pillows which are known for their silky smooth texture. Every feature of these pillows aims to improve your quality of sleep. 

Zero Microbial Hazards

We are in contact with our pillows for almost one-third of our day. It is important that our pillows stay away from microbial action and germs. It is appreciable that Quilted pillows have antimicrobial properties.

These pillows are machine washable so you don’t have to sleep in dirty pillows for so long. You can be sure that the pillow will retain its properties after every wash.

Allergies? What are they?

As these pillows give no room for microbes, you also have no chance of catching allergies. The well fabricated outer lining also ensures the same. With COSEE Platinum Quilted Pillow, you are super safe.

Platinum Quilted Micro Fibre Pillow


Fabric: Peached Luxury Quilted Fabric.
Filling: 100% Pure Micro Fibre.
Lining: Micro Fibre Polyfil Wadding.
Size- King 72x46 cm (28 X 18 INCH) + 5 cm Gusset.
Weight: 1100 Grams
Colour: White


Micro Fibre
Egyptian Cotton
Neck Support
Anti Microbial
Machine Washable Pillow
Pressure Equalizer
Hotel-Quality Look & Touch


The 500TC Cotton Fabric is as luxurious as it gets and is nothing short of the ones you see in luxury hotels.

Rich Inside Out

The quilter micro-fibre filling is truly exceptional for pain relief and lets you wake up energetic.

Bid Goodbye To Allergies

With its proper airflow and anti-microbial properties, the micro-fibre filling keeps you allergy-free.

No More Night Sweats

Thick fabric and bouncy filling help the pillows equalize pressure around your head to reduce sweating.


With Quilted Pillows, Know What Comfort And Luxury Feel Like!

Throughout The Night, Sleep Tight!


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