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Cosee Designer Bolster

Cosee Designer Bolster

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Beautify Your Home Decor With COSEE Designer Bolster

Bolsters feel comfortable on their own. But for people who are looking forward to introducing a little colour and style into your bedrooms, designer bolsters are the best way to do it. 

With COSEE Designer Bolsters, you do not have to invest a lot to give your lovely home a style upgrade.

Get rid of all those extra pillows lying around in your bedroom causing you neck and lower back pains. These regular pillows provide support to your head but are completely useless when it comes to offering you the right posture.

Instead, replace them with our bolsters which aligns with your spinal structure leaving no place for discomfort. 

Superior Support For Your Arm & Back

Our bolsters would suit any of your resting positions and it is not limited to your head. You can use them to add comfort to any of your joints and prevent joint pains. Can also be used as Yoga accessories while doing Yoga.

COSEE Designer Bolster is a great gift option for elders and people who have recently been to surgeries. They are going to love it. 

Unique Hand-Crafted Design

Our bolster design includes a lot of intricate and minute detailing which gives out an antique vibe. We have crafted the design in a way which makes our bolsters highly versatile. They are a stylish addition to any of your home decor. 

Finest Fabric And Filling

To enhance your experience, the fabric of our bolsters are weaved with 100% pure cotton. This makes them suitable even for delicate skin types. The poly fibre filling is another notable feature which keeps the bolsters firm and fluffy at the same time.

Beauty In a Budget

COSEE Designer Bolster acts as a quick fix to transform any of your rooms from boring to the most beautiful place in your home. It is an affordable luxury which will not break your bank.

Cosee Designer Bolster


Fabric: Cotton
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size-69x23 cm diameter (27 X 9 INCH)

Cloud Like Feeling
 Reduces shoulder stiffness and gives your neck, shoulders and spine an ultimate sense of relaxation.
Elevate Your Decor

Aesthetic, modern & round shaped bolsters to add more comfort and style to your living space.

Perfect Match

Match your cushions to the sofas, couches, lounges and other living room furniture.

Firm & Durable

Preserves firmness and comfort for years to come despite everyday usage.

Completely Transform The Way Your Room Looks With Our Designer Bolsters

Design is subject to availablity

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