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Nirvana Plus Mattress

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Nirvana Plus Mattress

Nirvana Plus

Nirvana Plus Mattress.- A ten-on-ten mattress

After thorough research and trials, Cosee came up with a mattress that gives balanced support to your body. We know you give your best at what you do, so why not grant yourself the rest you need? Cosee introduces a mattress that is 10 on 10 - Nirvana+

Unique features of Nirvana+ are:

  • A unique blend 

    • Grandeur Nirvana + Mattress is a mattress with the best combination of 7-pressure zone organic latex foam and 3-zone pocket springs. 
      • Soft pads for durability.

        • Specialty foams are surrounded by soft pads to prevent wearing off.
        • Soft pads increase the longevity of the mattress
        • Benefits of 3-zone pocket spring

          • 3 zone pocket springs compartmentalize the mattress. 
          • It provides firmness in the middle part and softness around the neck and legs.
          • Perfect firmness

            • For the couple who requires neither too firm nor not soft, Nirvana+ is the match.
            • Great for lower back support.
            • The Nirvana+ provides your lumbar spine with proper comfort and hence it evens the body weight distribution.
              • 12 years warranty

                • Cosee mattresses come with 12 years warranty.
                • The raw material and the technology used for making the mattress are of premium quality.

                Sleep like a king with the Grandeur range of Cosee Mattresses. Ditch the old ones and bring in the luxurious slumber.