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Flip Mattress

Flip Mattress

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Flip Mattress

Premium Flip Mattress

Let's just 'flip and snooze' on Cosee Premium Flip Mattress


While many brands claim that their mattress can be used on both sides, Cosee brings to you a real game changer. Premium Flip Mattress is 2 in 1 combo. 


Find out below, how it is out of a box idea.

  •  Specialty Reflex Foam: A Blend of Comfort and Support

Crafted from a specialized reflex foam blend, the Cosee Flip Mattress offers unparalleled comfort and support. This polyurethane foam boasts a higher density than memory foam, striking the ideal balance between firmness and flexibility.  Heavy sleepers will appreciate the foam's ability to contour to their bodies, ensuring a rejuvenating night's sleep.

  • High Resilience Pressure Sense Foam: A Bounce of Luxury

Designed for those who relish the bounce found in hotel mattresses, the Cosee Flip Mattress features high resilience pressure sense foam. Crafted from polyurethane foam, this foam type offers elevated responsiveness compared to memory foam. While delivering a satisfying bounce, it maintains a steady and supportive feel across the entire mattress surface, preventing excessive sinking and ensuring your body remains well-supported throughout the night.

  • Dual-Sided Usage: The Perfect Balance of Hard and Soft

The defining feature of the Cosee Flip Mattress lies in its dual-sided design, delivering the perfect balance of hard and soft comfort. For sleepers seeking firm back support, the Reflex foam side offers an ideal solution. Conversely, those who long for the sensation of sleeping on a cloud can opt for the High Resilience foam side. 

  • The Ultimate Caring Host: Elevate Your Guest's Sleep Routine

Elevate your guest's sleep routine by offering the Cosee Flip Mattress in your guest room. Your thoughtful choice ensures that your visitors experience personalized comfort and a truly restful sleep. Don't miss the opportunity to become the ultimate caring host – order your Cosee Flip Mattress today and transform your guest's sleep experience.

You can set this Mattress in your guest's room essentially. This way you will be the most caring host for caring about your guests' sleep routine. Order your Premium Flip Mattress before your next guest arrives.

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