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Nirvana Mattress

Nirvana Mattress

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Nirvana Mattress

Nirvana Mattress

Experience Nirvana sleeps with a Luxury Nirvana mattress.

You may have observed that when you have a good night's sleep, you also feel wonderful the following morning. Therefore, you must get a good night's sleep on a comfortable bed. You'll need a comfortable mattress because it will maintain your body posture and assist you to unwind your tense muscles. 

Nirvana Mattress is one product that fits all needs.

Its key features include: 

  • 7-pressure zone layer

  • The 7-pressure zone layer is made in such a way that all your body weight is equally distributed on the mattress. 
  • It has 7 different pockets for each body area from head to toe.
  • Organic make

  • The 7-pressure zone layer is organically made. Which gives the mattress its breathability and heat-absorbent quality.
  • Latex foam

  • If you have ever had an experience sleeping on the couch, you know the importance of a soft bed.
  • Latex foam gives you the required softness for joints, hips, and shoulders.
  • Belgium knit

  • Belgium knit fabric is the only fabric that softens with every use and washes. 
  • The outer cover of the mattress is specifically made of it so that you can sleep on the cloud-like mattress.
  • 10 years warranty 

  • Once you buy the mattress from COSEE, you need not worry. 
  • If there are any mishaps with the mattress, it comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Why wait till your current mattress starts to wear off and ruins your sleep cycle? Switch to Cosee Mattress and sleep like a baby every day and every time.

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