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Bunk Eco Coir Mattress

Bunk Eco Coir Mattress

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Bunk Eco Coir Mattress


Make an Eco-friendly Investment with Bunk Eco Coir

The Bunk Eco Mattress is an innovative blend of comfort, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Designed with care using premium materials, this mattress provides you with a rejuvenating and eco-friendly sleep experience. 

Here's why the Bunk Eco Mattress stands out:

Material Composition: 

The core of the Bunk Eco Mattress is constructed with high-quality PE foam, offering excellent support and durability. 

Enhancing the mattress's structural integrity, rubberised coir contributes to a resilient and firm sleep surface. 

To ensure a plush and comfortable feel, the mattress is topped with luxurious PU foam, providing a perfect balance of softness and support.

Reflex Foam: 

The Bunk Eco Mattress incorporates reflex foam, promoting optimal spinal alignment and reducing pressure points for a restful sleep experience.

Experience a harmonious blend of support and comfort, thanks to the thoughtfully selected materials.

Dust and Mite Resistance:  

Enjoy a clean and healthy sleeping environment with the mattress's built-in dust and mite resistance, making it ideal for those with allergies, sensitivities or respiratory concerns.

Quilted Top Layer: 

The mattress boasts a quilted top layer, adding an extra layer of comfort and enhancing the overall sleep surface for a luxurious feel.

Elevate your bedroom aesthetics with the designer jacquard fabric, adding a touch of sophistication to your sleeping space.

Recyclable Foam: 

Committed to sustainability, the Bunk Eco Mattress is made with recyclable foam, minimizing its environmental impact and contributing to a greener planet.

By choosing this mattress, you are making an eco-conscious decision. The use of recyclable foam and sustainable materials reflects our commitment to a greener future.

Available in various sizes to suit your bed frame and room dimensions. The mattress is designed with an optimal thickness to ensure both support and comfort. Built to last, the Bunk Eco Mattress is crafted with durability in mind, providing you with long-lasting performance.

Invest in your well-being and the environment with the Bunk Eco Mattress – where comfort meets sustainability. 

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