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Euphoria Plus Mattress

Euphoria Plus Mattress

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Euphoria Plus Mattress

Luxury Euphoria Plus Mattress

Feel the Euphoric Moment with Euphoria+ Mattress


We are aware of the modern lifestyle. Constant sitting on the chair, or standing at the counter, no matter what you do, your spine suffers a lot. Introducing Cosee's remarkable Euphoria+ Mattress.

Its salient features are noted below.


  • Reflex foam

  • Due to its high degree of flexibility and speedy return to shape, rebound foam earned its name. 
  • This kind of foam is much more adaptable and can be arranged in many ways inside a mattress. 
  • 3 distinct layers of the soft pad for longevity

  • Soft pads in a mattress ensure durability, better bounce, and loftiness.
  • Euphoria+ Mattress has 3x better bounce and durability than others.
  • 3 zone pocket spring 

  • Pocket spring foam helps your body to relax along the different parts of your body.
  • It divides the mattress into three major sections, namely the upper body, abdomen, and lower body.
  • Quilted memory foam

  • Memory foam quilt gives an extra layer of protection to the mattress.
  • Quilted memory foam keeps you nestled and eases the pressure points. 
  • Decade long warranty 

  • When you buy Cosee Mattress, you can rest peacefully.
  • Each of our Euphoria+ Mattress will stay as good as new for long period.
  • Cosee provides you with 10 years of warranty for the luxury range of mattresses

The longer you keep thinking, the longer your spine shall suffer with a worn-out mattress. Take an apt decision and buy Cosee Luxury Euphoria+ Mattress. 

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