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  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
  • Gold Micro Fibre Pillow - SleepCosee
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Gold Micro Fibre Pillow

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Cosee GOLD is the best in class micro fibre pillow that you will love to rest your head on ! Don’t just take our word for it, experience it.

Life Is Too Short To Sleep With Uncomfortable Pillows!

Most of the morning when you wake up depressed, tired and deprived of energy, it is most probably because of the uncomfortable sleep you had.

Every person on earth deserves a good sleep to kick start the day and get things done with maximum energy.

Luckily, you have Gold Micro Fibre Pillow which I’m sure will help you experience the best sleep in your entire life.

The premium quality materials with these pillows are built will speak for itself. Try it once and I bet you will never regret buying these.

Worried about Allergies? Don’t be!

Usually, the pillows available in the market labeled as cheap, are prone to cause allergic reactions. Our pillows are Hypoallergenic which means it has both comfort and safety.

Do your Pillows Stink After a While?

We sweat throughout the night when we sleep right? Regular Pillows act as breeding grounds for bacteria which causes the pillows to stink. This pillow is Anti Microbial which makes this pillow worth buying. 

Pleasurable Sleep

Most companies promise to offer you the best sleeping experience, ultimately they fail to do it. 

This pillow is filled with top quality Micro Fibre which does the trick when it comes to sleep

Stays The Same After Every Wash

This pillow is machine washable which means you don’t have to put in much effort and money in dry washing it. All the properties of the pillow remain the same after every wash.

Feels Good on Your Head

Ask anyone about the comfort which a Micro-Peached Fabric (120 GSM) offers to your skin. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night to change your sleep position? You don’t have to do that anymore.

Light and Soft

We’ve already addressed the soft microfibre material which is designed to give any tired person the best sleep of his/her life. But even with all these, the entire weight of the pillow is less than a Kilogram. Isn’t that wonderful?

Cushy and Functional

Premium Comfy Sleep focuses on providing the best alignment to your body and reduces the stress over your spine and neck. This would reduce the pain you currently have and prevent them in the future.

Gold Micro Fibre Pillow


Fabric: Micro Peached 120 GSM
Filling: 100% Pure Micro Fibre
Size- Standard 69x 43 cm (27 X 17 INCH)
Weight: 900 Grams



Hypo Allergenic
Anti Microbial
Machine Washable Pillows
Soft Touch


Induces Immersive Sleep

With their specially designed ergonomics and bouncy fibre filling, you can have a pleasurable sleep.

Uncompromised Fabric

The 150GSM micro-peached fabric feels light on your skin and maintains a cool temperature all night.

Easy To Carry Around

Even with all of its amazing features, the entire weight of the pillow is not more than a kilogram.

Wash-Proof Quality

Owing to their best-quality fillings and fabric, these speciality pillows stay the same after every wash.

No One Can Think Well If One Hasn’t Slept Well

Try Premium Comfy Sleep. You Deserve Them.


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