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White Cushion & Fillers

White Cushion & Fillers

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Cosee White cushions / fillers are the essentials to have in each home, and ours are designed for comfort and crafted for longevity

White Comfy Cushion is a Pure Bliss

Feeling uncomfortable to sit on a sofa? Want to hug a cushion and have a peaceful sleep? Then, you definitely need COSEE White Fillers. 

Take a perfect pillow cover and put this white filler in. Your home decor is stunning and beautiful.

It’s normal to feel tired after working for hours in your office. Make yourself comfortable by having this White Cushion with you.

So many people have back pain nowadays due to their hectic work schedule. This cushion comes in handy when you want to support your spine and work for long hours without pain.

Take Your Decor Game To The Next Level

Your bed, mattress, pillows may be in different colours and make your living area look a bit cluttered. Make your living room gorgeous with COSEE White Fillers. All you need is a contrasting cushion cover for a vibrant look. 

Protection Against Allergy

Our fillers are hypoallergenic and ensure that you are protected against allergy-causing dust mites. You can sleep peacefully every night without itchy feeling.

Lightweight and Soft to Touch

This pillow weighs 350 grams and it’s ultra-lightweight. This cushion is perfect for pillow games. The priceless soft and smooth feel you experience is pure bliss. 

Comfort Yet Affordable

This filler is made of cotton fabric and comes with Polyfibre filling. This combination gives you a comfortable feeling that soothes your tired nerves. White Fillers and cushion cover combination is an affordable beauty. 

Kills Bacteria and Protects You

Our cushion is Antimicrobial and kills bacteria to keep you safe and healthy. A filler is not just about comfort, it’s more about your health. 

Machine Washable

Our fillers are easy to wash. The properties and comfort won’t get altered if you machine wash COSEE White Fillers. The cuddly feel gets better and better after every wash. 

Durable Cushion

Our filters are made of the best quality fabric and filling to make sure that they are durable. If you need a cushion that’s durable, affordable and breathable, then this COSEE White Filler is the perfect fit for you. 

White Cushion & Fillers


Fabric: Cotton
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size- Standard 40x40 cm (16 X 16 INCH)
Weight: 350 Grams
Colour: White


Anti Microbial
Machine Washable
Soft Touch
Available in Single, Pair, Set of 5

Lightweight & Durable

With poly-fibre fillings, the white cushions weigh 350gms and so lasts for  a longer time with an incomparable softness

Protection against allergies

Hypoallergenic fabric is used in COSEE’s white cushion to wave goodbye to dust or itchy feels


The white cushions never allow bacteria to grow and keep your environment healthy & clean

Adds elegance to your decor

The most affordable white cushions from COSEE can change your home’s appearance in an instant

Go For It Without Any Second Thought 

Hurry Up! Only a Few Cushions Left!!


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