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Cosee White Bolster

Cosee White Bolster

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Our Bolsters Help You Say Bye-Bye To Your Back Pains 

For people with hip, lower back and shoulder problems, regular pillows can cause more harm than good. Your lower spinal alignment is important for you to have a comfortable posture without having any signs of pain. 

Unlike traditional pillows, COSEE White Bolsters are not just for comfort but have a wide range of other applications. 

Instead of laying flat on your bed and sofa, our bolsters add an extra layer of support for your legs, shoulders, neck and hip. 

Our Bolsters cushions are a blessing for elders and people with underlying spinal problems. You can consider this as a gift if you have any elders in your family and do them a favour. The cotton fabric and the fluffy poly fibre filling takes the comfort gradient to the next level.

For the price that they are available at, COSEE White Bolster cushions are one of the best value products in the market right now. Try this once and say bye-bye to your back pains once and for all.

Best In Class Fabric

The quality of the fabric and the fillings used in our bolsters are uncompromised. The bolsters remain stiff and fluffy for a really long time owing to the poly fibre filling. 

The white cotton fabric which overlays the filling ensures that the bolsters have a gentle feeling over your skin.

Stable And Serene Posture

Unlike pillows, our bolsters have a long cylindrical structure which can support your entire lower back. 

They are completely versatile making them useful in any type of home decor such as sofas, divans, beds, chairs or even on the floor. 

Retain Your Spine’s Structure

Unlike what most people think, our spinal cord is not straight. The bolsters will help your spine to retain its regular curve without keeping it in a straight position which causes pain and discomfort. 

When used for a prolonged period of time, you can clearly see yourself getting relieved from the pain.

Does Not Clog Up Your Room

COSEE White Bolsters are cylindrical in shape, you can store three of them in the place of a single pillow. This makes your bedroom look neat and tidy without clogging it up.

Cosee White Bolster


Fabric: Cotton
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size- 69x23 cm diameter (27 X 9 INCH)


Once You Start Using Them, You Can Never Go Back!


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