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Screen Time During Lockdown - 4 Smart Ways Reduce


People are bored. They don’t know what to do and end up using mobile phones for 8-10 hour a day. Experts warn that more screen time leads to more problems.


It seems we are not listening to them. What happens when you don’t realise the consequences of more screen time? This is what happens. You may suffer from:


  • Nomophobia (worrying about what would happen if I don’t have a mobile)

  • Text Neck Syndrome (Facing down while using mobile causes neck pain)

  • Phantom Vibration Syndrome (Hallucinating that your phone is ringing but it isn’t)


To keep these syndromes at bay, you need to follow these powerful tips that help you reduce screen time. Reduction in screen time makes way for a happy and healthy life with your loved ones.


1. Offline activities keep you active

Play games like musical chairs and have unlimited fun

This is a great time to spend time with your family and engage in fruitful conversations. Assemble everyone in your family, play some games like Snake and Ladder, Card games, Musical chairs, and more.


Please don’t click or shoot these happy moments. Just blend into your beautiful family and cherish those happy moments.


2. Digital Fasting - Fasting you’ve never heard before

Digital Fasting

It’s simple. Stay away from your phone for a day, preferably a non-working day. Dr Nithin Anand, a clinical psychologist says digital fasting is the best way to control your mobile addiction and reduce screen time.


Don’t forget the digital fasting rules. You can use your mobile twice a day that means one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.


3. Spend time with your little love

More time with family means more happiness

Keep your phones aside and speak with your kids. Play with them, have fun and make them laugh. Watch the beauty of their smile. These things, you wouldn’t have experienced because of your hectic schedule.


Now, you are less busy and you have ample time to play indoor games and tell stories to your kids. This way you can reduce screen time and enjoy family time.


4. Phone Basket Challenge

More time with family means more happiness

Put everyone’s mobile into a basket. Now, all of your family members should interact with each other. Everyone gets their turn to speak. While you speak, let your kids wander here and there.


Catch them and keep them by your side. Help your kids to understand what you guys are talking about.


Quick Tips to reduce screen time

  • Improve your sleep cycle by practising the “last check” method. Access your mobile 60 minutes before going to bed, that should be the last mobile check for the day.

  • While eating, don’t use mobile phones. Mobile free meals offer you the best meal experience.

  • Clean your phones often using a dry sponge or some anti-bacterial wipes. This helps you stay away from germs.

To Conclude


This lockdown period is the right time to get to know your family better. Speak with your loved ones and spend time. You won’t and you don’t want to have another lockdown. You have precious time in your pocket, use it wisely.


Eat on time, sleep on time, wake up on time and have a great day.


#StayHome #StaySafe #StayHappy #NoScreenAddiction

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