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5 Effective Tips To Prevent Sleep Deprivation In New Mothers | Sleepcosee

5 Effective Tips To Prevent Sleep Deprivation In New Mothers

 Sleep deprivation in new mothers has been alarmingly common over the last decade. No matter how well you’ve planned it, motherhood often turns out different from what you have imagined it to be.

 It is time you realize that it gets really difficult to take care of the baby and your family if you deprive yourself of sleep.

 In order for you to operate at your 100% and to have a healthy recovery after pregnancy, prioritize sleep. This article summarizes everything one needs to know about helping a sleep-deprived mom.


1.Open Up To Your Spouse About Your Sleep Needs

Open Up To Your Spouse About Your Sleep Needs

Most mothers never talk about how sleep-deprived they are. Society pressurizes them into thinking that it’s a sin to prioritize their own needs during motherhood.

 Doctors often advise their pregnant patients to have a conversation about this with their spouse even before delivering the baby.

 However, it is never too late to let your spouse know that you could really use a few extra hours of sleep.


2.Stay Away From Additional Responsibilities

Stay Away From Additional Responsibilities

The family, as a whole, should support and help a new mom sleep. Especially during the breastfeeding phase.

 A new mother should step away from adding any new responsibilities to her existing routine. This includes everything from cleaning the dishes to taking care of your oldest child (if you have one).

Leave your elder child in the care of your spouse or your family without having to feel guilty about it. Split your workload or hire someone who can handle the house chores for a few months.


3.Upgrade Your Bedroom & Make It Comfy

Upgrade Your Bedroom & Make It Comfy

A baby’s sleep pattern is erratic. Most babies sleep a few hours at a time throughout the day and there’s no guarantee that they’ll sleep all night.

 In your already limited sleep interval, you don’t have to punish yourself with a poorly organized bedroom. This Mother’s day, reward yourself with some new and comfy bedroom gear like Sleepcosee’s Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillows.

Throwing away the old, flattened bedroom ware and replacing them with soft and fluffy new ones is one of the most efficient ways to address sleep deprivation in new mothers.

 Apart from making your feel comfortable, Sleepcosee’s Gold Plus Quilted Microfibre Pillows offer great support to your neck and back. If you’re a breastfeeding mother, this is an absolute blessing.


4. Sleep While Your Baby’s Asleep

Sleep While Your Baby’s Asleep

Postpartum sleep deprivation has a simple cure. Mothers have to evolve and adapt to new things. This includes modifying your sleep schedule and making it dynamic.

If your baby is keeping you awake all night, learn to rest your eyes whenever your baby’s asleep. Doctors suggest sleep-deprived new mothers get 3 naps of 2 hours each during the day.

This would not disturb your circadian rhythm so you can still have your routine night’s sleep if you want to. It is tempting to wash dishes and do laundry when your baby’s asleep.

 But you’ll never get this precious time again when your baby’s awake. Do not call your friends to catch up or sit in front of the television. Use this time to give your body the rest it deserves.


5.Consult A Doctor To Check Underlying Sleep Disorders

Consult A Doctor To Check Underlying Sleep Disorders

You might think it’s your baby that’s keeping you awake when in reality your own body could be acting against you.

Short naps are great but there’s nothing compared to a full night’s rest. If you are unable to sleep and you think the baby’s not the cause, it is time to consult a doctor.

There are several sleep disorders like sleep apnea that can particularly affect middle-aged women. Sleep Apnea is one of the most common factors to cause sleep deprivation in new mothers.



Do not buy or use over-the-counter sleep pills without consulting a doctor. This is one of the most common mistakes that new mothers make.

Sleeping pills could give temporary relief for sleep deprivation in new mothers but could get you into trouble in the long run.

And second of all, you aren’t alone. There’s a huge community of new mothers on the internet who share all your ups and downs. Seek help whenever you can and from whomever you can.

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