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6 Reasons Why Should Buy Washable and Hygienic Beddings

No one can dare to say that he/she doesn’t love a clean bed and pillows. But are we ready to take action on it?

Washing the covers of your pillows and bed does little to no good for your personal hygiene. It is advisable that you invest in washable and hygienic beddings. Not to forget that they are so easy to maintain.

It does not matter if you are lazy or tired, you just have to toss them into your washing machine and that's it.

1.Stays As Good As New 

Washable beddings stay as good as new

Our Bedding fabrics are usually heavy. The material packed inside of them is so delicate that they might lose their quality if washed. 

They are so closely woven to ensure comfort and establish a sense of luxury. If you choose beddings which give away their colour or lose their quality when washed, you made a mistake.

Heavy bedding usually equals an increased amount of dust absorption. It might look fancy at the beginning, but they gradually start losing their properties.

You have to choose washable and hygienic beddings to keep them brand new for a really long time.


2. No Room For Infections And Allergies

    The beddings you use constantly get exposed to dust, sweat, spills and moisture. It is essential to disinfect them from time to time. 

    If you stop doing this, the moisture might dry up. But your cloth and the filling becomes a breeding ground to bacteria and fungi. 

    This might lead to various health problems in the coming days. Skin allergies are the most common result of having an unclean bed set-up. 

    Needless to say that it is totally unsafe if you have infants or children living in your house. 

    We Indians have the habit of applying oil on our heads every now and then. If you don’t wash your pillows, the oil on your head gets retained over the surface.

    This combines with all your dead skin cells and dust mites causing a wide range of infections. If you do not clean and wash them, the infection which one person carries will spread to the entire family.

    Dr Georgine Nanos, MD, MPH says there is no better way to stop the coronavirus spread than to have a clean living space. Washable pillows and beds are the best way to do it.

    3.Maintains A Good Fragrance


      The microbes which grow in an unclean pillow or mattress, won't just stop with giving you allergies. There are various by-products which include bad odour. 

      The first thing any guest would notice about a home is its fragrance. Your bedding need not have a sweet fragrance but neither should it have an ugly odour. 

      The microbial growth releases a bad odour which goes away with time. When you have an accidental spill over the beddings, we stop with cleaning just the surface.  

      But the actual problem develops within. You have to choose washable beddings which you can clean from the inside out.

      4.Retains Its Originality

        Most people are budget-driven. They choose products which are cheap by making compromises to the quality. 

        It might seem like a quick fix, but with time, you will realise that you made a wrong choice. The major perk of choosing washable bedding is that it stays fresh. 

        They maintain their originality and their colours get refreshed with every wash. When you fail to do this, the dust accumulation and other factors overshadow the original colour of the bedding. 

        Even within weeks your pillows and dohars would start to look like you bought them years ago. 

        5.Stays Fluffy All Year

          Fluffy Pillow

          When you buy a mattress or a pillow, they stay fluffy only for a very short period. With regular use, it is going to lose its natural fluff and get flat. 

          Pillows and beds do not serve their purpose once they get to this point. There are various washable and hygienic beddings made out of wool, cotton and polyester. 

          You can toss them in the machine. After a few minutes in the dryer, you can dry them in natural sunlight. 

          This process refills the filling with air pockets. They stay fresh until they the next wash offering you the rest you deserve.

          6.Not That Expensive

            On the bright side, washable and hygienic beddings cost only a few extra bucks. They come in all shapes and sizes allowing you to choose. 

            If you do not want to make the most expensive choice, you can still opt for affordable materials like fibre and Polyester. They might not be as soft as cotton, but they are robust. 

            COVID 19 Safety Measures 

            Clothes, bed linens, mattresses are some of the moderate risk areas for CoronaVirus spread. So, it is our responsibility to follow safety norms to curb the spread of Corona. 

            Some of the safety measures:

            1. Quarantined people should use disposable bed sheets that need to be changed on a daily basis. 
            2. Before sending textiles to laundry, treat it with 1% hypochlorite spray and wash it in hot water with laundry detergent. 
            3. Still, we are unsure how long the virus stays in fabric. So it’s good to change your clothes after you’ve been to crowded places. 
            4. Change the mattress cover often (preferably 2-3 days once). If you are quarantined, it’s advisable to change every day. 


            This post should have made you realize the benefits of choosing washable and hygienic beddings. 

            If you still decide to choose the non-washable cheap ones, you might be saving a few bucks. 

            But you will be risking your health. Make a wise choice today and save yourself from a lot of trouble in the future.

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