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6 Science-Backed Bedside Rituals That Will Help You Relax & Sleep Better

6 Science-Backed Bedside Rituals That Will Help You Relax & Sleep BetterGood sleep is the foundation for all your normal body functions. What you do before your bedtime has a major role to play in your sleep quality.

It can also have an impact on your subconscious mind and also determines your mental state for the following day.

This is exactly why you should never force yourself to sleep. Here are a few bedside routines proven by science that you can follow to instantly improve your quality of sleep.

1.Have A Nice Warm Shower

Have A Nice Warm Shower

A good warm shower at the end of a tiring day is going to help you get relaxed and de-stressed. It can loosen you up and get you ready for bed.

You can also make use of your bathtub as immersing yourself in water can prove extremely therapeutic. Manage to get your shower at least 90 minutes before your intended bedtime.

It can lower your core body temperature and this drop will signal your brain that it's time to sleep.

2.Make Use Of Good Music

Make Use Of Good Music

Good music can help your body in the regulation of hormones and helps lower your cortisol levels. Having increased levels of cortisol in your blood could keep you wide awake at night.


Music can also help your body secrete dopamine which is usually a product of eating, exercise, or sex.


Ultimately, it soothes your entire autonomous nervous system and helps you maintain a stable heart rate and breathing pattern. Music can also counteract nervousness and anxiety.


3.Plan For The Next Day

Plan For The Next Day

Most people are more concerned about tomorrow than today. Having a clear idea about your plans for the next day will help you stay calm and concise.


Making a to-do-list before you hit your bed will keep your mind at ease. You don't have to toss yourself around and stay anxious about tomorrow.


Also, plan your wardrobe for the next day and have your lunch ready. These tiny little habits could add up and help you have a sound sleep.


4.Declutter Your Bedroom & Set The Ideal Temperature

Declutter Your Bedroom & Set The Ideal Temperature

Analyze your bedroom and remove anything that adds no value to your life. What your eyes see when you walk into your bedroom has been proven to have a huge impact on your ability to fall asleep.


This includes having the right pair of pillows and bedsheets. Also, pay close attention to the temperature of your bedroom and make sure it stays below 75 degrees.


5.Exercise A Few Hours Before You Sleep

Exercise A Few Hours Before You Sleep

Including an exercise session can go one step ahead and might even cure insomnia. Moderate aerobic exercises and strength training will put your muscles under stress.


This causes your muscle fibres to get broken down which eventually triggers protein synthesis.


Needless to explain the dopamine rush that a good exercise can give you. Overall, you'll experience fatigue and muscle soreness which has great potential to induce sleep.


6.Dim Your Lights In The Evening

Dim Your Lights In The Evening

When it comes to sleep, the darker your room is, the better. If your room happens to have a lot of unwanted light exposure, use shades and curtains to seal your windows.


A mild night lamp or a dimmer switch could also help you set a serene sleep environment. Having bright lights when you sleep could disturb your body's natural circadian rhythm.



Try your best to complete your chores at least 2 hours before your intended bedtime. Similar to all your day-to-day activities, sleep requires prior planning.


Deep down in your heart, you must understand how important it is to have 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Keep motivating yourself and realize sleep is something that you can never skip nor compromise.

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