6 Undisclosed Reasons Why Good Sleep Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Happy | SleepCosee - SleepCosee

6 Undisclosed Reasons Why Good Sleep Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Happy | SleepCosee

Good SleepIn simple words, experts suggest that having 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep makes you healthy. A lack of sleep can not just mess up your mood the next day but your entire hormone cycle could get crippled.


A good night’s rest on another hand can make everything better from your level of endurance during workouts to your blood sugar.


But is this all your body gets from a good night’s rest? Certainly not. In this article, let’s discuss the health benefits of good sleep and what it does to your body.


1.Stabilizes Your Immune System

 Immune System

The research conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that sleep makes vaccines work better. This is because your body’s immune mechanism consists of living cells that require energy to fight antigens and to produce antibodies.


When you manage to get enough sleep, your immune and protein-storing cells replenish themselves with energy to put up an effective defence against diseases. You naturally become resistant to common infections like the cold and the flu.


2. Strengthens The Cardio-Vascular System

 sleep related disorders

Do you know that people who don’t sleep enough are prone to heart attacks and increased blood pressure? Getting sufficient sleep makes you healthy because if you don’t, your body produces excess cortisol.


This stress hormone makes your heart work harder which has also made people call it the “stress hormone”. A reduction in cortisol levels in your bloodstream is vital to make sure that your heart functions properly.


3.Helps Your Body Regulate Weight

 Regulate Body Weight

Sleeping 8 hours a day wouldn’t help you shred fat by itself but it can help your body regulate it. By getting enough sleep, your body stops producing the hormone “ghrelin” which increases your urge to eat.


It then produces “leptin” which signals your brain that you are feeling full. If you are finding it hard to overcome late-night snacking, forcing yourself to get a good night’s rest could be your way to go.


4.Keeps You In A Better Mood

 Sleep in Better Mood

Chronic lack of sleep and insomnia can cause negative emotional reactions. Sleep-deprived people are 5 times more likely to run into depression and anxiety.


Various research papers have quoted that there’s still a lot of things we are yet to uncover about sleep. Scientists haven’t exactly figured out what happens in our brains while we sleep.


But it is safe to say that a well-rested body can maintain good energy levels throughout the day when compared to the sleep-deprived ones. Yes, sleep makes you healthy. Not just physically and mentally, but also emotionally.


5.Improves Your Endurance & Stamina

 Stamina and Sleep

If you’re someone who has been physically active for a while, but still doesn’t see any changes in your body, it’s probably because you didn’t get enough sleep.


If your work or sports requires you to have quick bursts of energy, like swimming, weightlifting, and wrestling, it is crucial to have gotten enough sleep. Your body requires an insane amount of time and energy to rebuild broken-down muscle fibres when you work out.


If you keep your body awake, you are just robbing away energy from other vital functions. Sleep makes you healthy because it redirects all its energy into building new muscle fibres.


6.Increases Your Memory Retention

 Sleep and Memory

Teenagers and students who study all night barely remember anything because their brains didn’t have enough time to process what they’ve studied. Your mind is still processing information while you sleep. It saves all our temporary thoughts into permanent memory.


Failing to get enough sleep could eventually lead to poor memory retention. In some worst cases of chronic insomnia, people have also created false memories.




Sleep is not up for bargain or compromise. Regardless of people’s age, gender, and health conditions, sleep helps everyone. But unfortunately, even if after you realize the value of sleep, you might still find it hard to put your eyes to rest.


In most cases, this is because your bedroom accessories are old, dirty, and are making you feel uncomfortable.


Now might be a really good time to gift yourself one of Sleepcosee’s extremely comfortable Cotton Bed Sheets and high-quality premium pillows. It is never too late to adapt to a healthy sleep regime that keeps your energy levels up all day.

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