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7 Secret Health Benefits Of Sleeping With Dogs

7 Secret Health Benefits Of Sleeping With DogsDo I even need to convince you of this? If you want to have peace and love in your life, sleep with your dog people!

While the idea of cuddling up to your loving pet isn’t something many people need convincing of, here we are to tell you why it’s about more than just love.

For all we know, you might already be sharing your bed with your dog - 56% of owners do that, according to a survey. Yet many don’t know that cuddling up to this happy creature while sleeping can actually provide many benefits! Read on to find out!

1. Helps fight depression1. Helps fight depression

Presence of dogs increases the level of the love-hormone oxytocin and helps ease the symptoms of depression.

According to a recent study, animal-assisted activities eased the symptoms of depression in human beings to a significant degree. People with long-term mental health problems, pets are a major source of support and comfort.

2. Helps fight insomnia2. Helps fight insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep, establishing a routine with your pet dog might help with this issue.

According to several studies, having a dog in bed helps to relieve the stress and anxiety which in turn causes hyper vigilance and hyper arousal. This helps you in relaxing and drifting off to the blessed land of dreams.

Apart from everything else, also make sure that your bed is comfortable enough to help improve the quality of your sleep. You can check out these sleeping gears by Cosee to sleep comfortably at night.

 3. Increases Theta Brainwaves 3. Increases Theta Brainwaves

First of all, what are theta brainwaves? Theta brainwaves are connected with memory, intuition, imagination and emotions. Theta brain waves are strongest when someone is meditating, in deep focus, prayer, or spiritual awareness.

Sleeping with your dog promotes these theta brainwaves that occur during the REM stage of your sleep. When your pet dog is with you, your heartbeats sync-up which proves how effective a dog is in calming down its human.

4. Provides a sense of security4. Provides a sense of security

Your pet dog is your savior, human!

As per studies, sleeping with your pet dog can impact the quality of your sleep by a significant amount merely because of the sense of protection it provides.

Dogs have an instinct to protect and that naturally makes them the ideal companion to have with you if you are looking for safety. Your dog will alert you if anything feels wrong and that provides a sense of security to many people, especially those who live alone.

5. Decreases loneliness5. Decreases loneliness

Dogs are called the man’s best friend for a reason. As per recent studies, those who are feeling lonely and sad often benefit a lot from the companionship of a pet.

While the day often passes in work and distraction, nights can often amplify the feelings of loneliness and discomfort for many people. Having a warm fuzzball, aka, a pet dog in your bed as you sleep can help alleviate these feelings.

The companionship that your dog provides will help ease your distress and sadness, in turn helping you relax enough to sleep peacefully and live a healthy life.

6. Beats the stress6. Beats the stress

Did you know that 74% of pet owners have reported improved mental health in presence of a pet? Yep, that’s right!

Having a pet dog while sleeping is good for improving overall mental health and reducing stress. As said earlier, cuddling up to your dog releases higher levels of oxytocin, the love hormone and helps beat the stress.

 7. Lowers blood pressure, better heart health 7. Lowers blood pressure, better heart health

Yes, sleeping with a pet is nothing less than a magical treatment for many ailments. According to a study, spending time with dogs, especially regular physical contact with them like petting, often leads to a lower blood pressure reading.

And it doesn’t end there, folks! A study by the American Heart Association, having a pet promotes a healthy heart as well.

As per another study, 41% of pet owners admitted that sleeping with their pets improved their overall quality of life!

Things to considerpet lovers

While it’s great to listen to these benefits and wanna call your dog over to your bed, make sure you consider other factors as well.

Setting the boundary with your dog is very important because they can get habitual of what they get every day. If you think you can not have your dog all over your bed all the time, then define an area of the bed where your pet can stay.

If you sleep with your dog every night, even they get habitual of this routine. So if one night you suddenly don’t want your pet in the bed like every other night, they might start whining and show discomfort.

Make sure they are not sleeping under the bed covers or on pillows if they do sleep on your bed. Check out these beautiful pillows and cushions provided by Cosee for extra comfort.

So go considering everything, make your choice. Setting a few boundaries can go a long way! Enjoy your sleep with you warm fuzzball!

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