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7 Signs of Bed Bugs You Should Never Ignore - Ultimate Solution Revealed

Signs of bed bugs and how to get rid of them

Bed bugs are the most overlooked insects. If left unchecked, they might cause intense allergies and skin rashes which might last for months. A bed bug infestation is almost impossible to eradicate.  A small colony of bed bugs might soon spread to various other furniture in your house. Preventing it from happening is your best possible solution. But it is often too late when you notice them. 

Here are 7 signs of bed bugs that you should not take lightly. 

1.Spotting A Live Bed Bug

This is a pretty straight-forward approach in spotting bed bugs. When you see a bed bug walking alive, that is not accidental. It is very unlikely for bed bugs to migrate to long distances.

Therefore if you see one, it would have been nesting and breeding inside the mattress of your bed for weeks. 

2.Red Rashes And Signs Of A Bite

    Human blood is one of the most prominent meals for a bed bug

    If you happen to spot a rash or a bump on your skin which wasn't there the night before, bed bugs might be responsible for it. Human blood is one of the most prominent meals for a bed bug. 

    3.Faecal Stain On Your Fabrics

      Bed bugs move from one place to another in a line and in huge numbers. They excrete while doing so and their faecal remains form dark spots on the fabric which they walk over. 

      This even causes a pungent (bad) smell when you accidentally touch them while handling the fabric. Cleaning your bed at regular intervals will help you in identifying the problem sooner.

      4.Remains Of Their Eggs And Shells

        Remains of Bedbug eggs and shells

        When you find small white bumpy patterns on your bed, these indicate bed bug eggs. It also means that they have been breeding. Before they mature and die, these insects shed their skin over 4 times. 

        While doing so, they remain on the surface of your bed or inside your mattress which you can easily spot while cleaning.

        You should remove all the eggs immediately after you spot them. The problem gets even worse when they start hatching.

        5.Pungent Odour

          When bed bugs live and breed in an environment for a really long time, the room starts developing an unpleasant odour.

          It is advisable that you spot the infestation before it gets to this phase. It is going to be really difficult to get rid of the odour without cleaning and disinfecting the entire room.

          6.Alarming Blood Stains On Your Clothes

            Alarming blood stains on your Clothes

            We addressed the fact that bed bugs primarily feed on your blood. While you sleep, the bite of the insect would just feel like a tingle. 

            You might feel an itch and would try to scratch the spot while the insect is still feeding. This would kill the insect and cause red spots on your clothes caused by your blood. 

            7.Bug Bites Are Different

              Bug bites look completely different from a mosquito bite. There are large in size making them easy to identify. 

              The rashes would take more time to heal and might get a lot more itchy. This is an alarming sign and must immediately get your room checked for bed bugs.

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              Signs of bed bugs and how to get rid of them

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