Answer 3 Simple Questions to Get a Perfect Mattress

Answer 3 Simple Questions to Get a Perfect Mattress

The majority of experts confirm that obtaining enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. The quality of your mattresses has a significant impact on how well you sleep, but many people ignore this and continue to use mattresses that don't offer adequate support and comfort.

New Mattress

Although getting a new mattress can be pricey, it can also help you sleep better. Just like with any major purchase, you must be sure that you make a wise choice.

We lay down the essential details sequentially so you can figure out how to buy a mattress.

While there is a wide range of mattresses offered by COSEE, you can take a simple 3-question quiz to conclude which mattress matches you the best. 

Mattress Selection Doubts

Q1 - What Position do you prefer while sleeping?

  1. Side
  2. Back
  3. Stomach
  4. Combination

When you typically tuck into sleep, how are you positioned? And where are you when you wake up?

The replies to these questions may offer crucial information that can benefit mattress selection. Depending on your sleeping position, different parts of your body require extra support to keep your spine aligned. Because of this, selecting a mattress to match your sleeping posture can improve comfort and lower the likelihood of developing aches and pains. 

If you are

1. Back Sleeper

Back sleeper

The lower back is most stressed for back sleepers. An overly soft mattress might cause the torso to sink in more than the upper back and lower body, creating a U-shape that can be uncomfortable. The subtle bend in the lower back won't be accommodated if a mattress is overly hard. Therefore, a COSEE Euphoria+ or Signature Mattress with little to moderate contouring is appropriate for back sleepers.

2. Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper

The shoulders and hips, where your body is the widest, are sensitive pressure points for side sleepers. Those points will drop out of alignment with the remaining portion of the spine on an overly soft mattress. You will feel the stress in those areas and be vulnerable to misalignment on a mattress that is unduly firm. Therefore, mattresses like COSEE Nirvana, Nirvana+, or Nirvana Pure are optimal for side sleepers.

 3. Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleeper

    The most pressure is placed on the lumbar spine by stomach sleepers, which is similar to back sleepers. You would respond best to a COSEE Mesmerise Mattress that prevents you from curving into a U shape and won't feel confining when you are face-down on the mattress.

    4. Combination Sleeper,(which is very common).

      Combination SleeperCombination sleepers change positions throughout the night. Usually, you should base your mattress choice on the position you spend the majority of your time in. In all sleeping positions, COSEE Flip Mattress is your best option if there isn't a primary position. You can also flip for a soft side of the mattress that allows for simple bed mobility. 

      Q2 - Do You Experience Pain?

      1. Back pain or Side pain
      2. Middle or Upper Back pain
      3. No pain at all

      Back pain can have many different potential reasons, but you should not ignore the mattress as a reason. Proper support can help a lot. People who don't currently have back pain can stave off pain, and the right mattress can provide cushioning and comfort for those who do. 

      Back Pain
      The correct mattress may also depend on where a person suffers back pain. So read along and find out which option suits you the best.

    1. 1. Back Pain or Side Pain

    2. Lower back pain is mostly the result of sleeping incorrectly for a long time. If the shoulders and hips aren't supported when side sleeping, the backbone has the risk of damage. It may happen to back and stomach sleepers as well. The reason is a mattress that is either soft or too hard, which puts strain on the spinal cord's natural curve.

      back pain

    3. 2. Middle or Upper Back pain

    4. An undue amount of strain in the middle or upper back may occasionally result from the wrong posture. The likelihood of this type of pain can be decreased by using a COSEE Nirvana+ Mattress that supports spinal alignment. The neck and upper back can have the proper support if you have a COSEE pillow and cushions which maintains the perfect loft.

    5. 3. No pain at all

    6. Well, in that case, Keep it up. But that certainly does not mean you turn a blind eye to the mattress situation. If you sense that your back is not getting the rest it deserves, then you must choose your mattress wisely. 

      Q3 - What is your Body Type and Weight?

      1. Average Body shape under 60 kg
      2. On the healthy side, between 60 to 100 kg
      3. Heavy Weighing above 100 kg

      Your Body type and weight affect the suitability of the mattress. Which in turn affects other crucial factors like comfort and the wellness of your spinal cord. 

      Body Weight

    7. 1. Average body shape under 60 kg

    8. If you are under 130 pounds, you don't sink as far into a mattress since you have a lower profile. You frequently benefit from a softer mattress to gain sufficient contouring, particularly if you sleep on your side and/or have noticeable pressure points. Innerspring mattresses typically don't fit well, therefore COSEE's Premium mattresses are excellent alternatives.

    9. 2. On the healthy side, between 60 to 100 kg

    10. Following our recommendations for mattress firmness,  generally, it is safe for those weighing 130 to 230 pounds. Mattresses from COSEE's Premium, Luxury, and Grandeur ranges can all be chosen based on their unique characteristics and styles.

    11. 3. Heavy Weighing above 100 kg

    12. Over 230-pound individuals will slump into a mattress, especially close to larger body parts, which runs the risk of spinal injury. To assist and reduce that risk, COSEE's Mesmerise and Euphoria mattresses for these sleepers typically produce better results.

      Weight is not the sole consideration when choosing a mattress. People with wider hips or shoulders may prefer a softer mattress with more layering, especially if they sleep on their side. If you are over six feet tall, you should carefully consider the mattress's dimensions to make sure you can comfortably stretch out on it.

      6 feet tall
      Other questions to ask are what type of fabric are you comfortable in, the price range of the mattress, and the durability. Fabric is a matter of your personal preference. All the COSEE Mattresses last longer than any other mattress in the market. And when it comes to pricing, COSEE offers you the most budget-friendly products. 

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