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Clean The Clutter! Your New Year Resolution & New Exciting Ways To Clutter-Free Home!

New Year ResolutionAnother year has gone, another to come! The reason we humans love new year so much is that it allows us another chance for everything. It helps us open a new chapter in life and close the older, disappointing and painful ones.

That’s why most of us start our new years with new resolutions and promises. Although we’re pretty sure you must already have your own list of resolutions, cleaning away the clutter really needs a place in your new year! Why do you ask? Well because this small thing is gonna make some really great impact on your life!

Believe it or not, decluttering has a profound effect on your everyday life and your overall mood and happiness. It’s important, but an often underrated form of self-care.

So let’s have a look at the important reasons why a clutter-free home should be your new year resolution and explore new, exciting ways to achieve this!

Decluttering will save a lot of time!

Decluttering will save a lot of time!


Decluttering actually reduces the housework by 40 per cent! That’s a lot of time that you’ll save, folks! Household disorder and clutter is not an individual fight though - it’s everyone’s problem.


So if you declutter regularly, you will surely save time for your more aspirational hobbies which in turn will impact your overall happiness.

You’ll cut out on stress

You’ll cut out on stress

Several studies have shown that there is a direct link between the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ and clutter. The accumulating disarray in the home, or even a cabinet, leads to frustration and many people dread the weekend cleaning marathons.


Taking 10-15 minutes every day to clean up the clutter actually keeps the house, and your mood, in perfect harmony.

Declutter to focus better!

Declutter to focus better!

That’s right. Decluttering improves focus.


Cluttered living spaces put too many stimuli in your immediate environment, making it easier for you to get distracted. So stick with a better-organized home and you’ll find your focus will improve significantly.


Have a look at the Cosee sleep gears for a better-organized bed!

Decluttering improves eating habits

Decluttering improves eating habits

Seriously. This is no joke. As per a study by The American Association for Nurse Anesthetists, people with messy homes and workspaces are 77 per cent more likely to be overweight!


That’s a figure you can't ignore so easily, my friend.

More space!

More space!

Although this one is a pretty obvious reason, for some reason, people choose to ignore this! Many people won’t even move to clean unless they literally run out of free space to put their stuff in.


Don’t wait for your new shopping spree to become the reason why you clean!

Types of clutter!

Types of clutter!

New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin mentioned in her book how decluttering became an important part of her goal to a happier life.


In her book, she classifies clutter in eight different categories and actually went on to write a whole new book on it - Outer Order, Inner Calm.


In her blog as well, she continuously emphasizes the importance of decluttering for a happier and more fulfilling life.


So let’s follow some fun tips from Gretchen Rubin that are short, quick, and therefore, fun!

The expert’s tips to a clutter-free home!

The expert’s tips to a clutter-free home!

Gretchen Rubin gives some no-timer tips that are easy to follow every day. It’s more or less about forming new, easy and quick habits than anything else!


Make your bed right away. Don’t procrastinate or avoid folding the blankets and straightening out your bedsheets!


Get rid of things you no longer use. We all have those old pairs of slippers, jeans or bed sheets that keep in our cabinet even though we no longer use them. Just get rid of them. They are only taking up unnecessary space.


For those who don’t wanna just throw away old pillows, you can exchange them at Cosee for new sleep gear.


Follow the one-minute rule. Simply put, if you can get something done in one minute, do it right away. Don’t put it off. It’s just a minute!


Discard the freebies. Much of our junk gets collected because of hoarding the freebies - stuff that we don’t need, but we collect anyway because we’re getting them for free.


Throw away the stuff that’s broken. It’s surprising how much junk gets accumulated just because we think we’ll fix the broken stuff and use it. That never happens. You eventually throw it away anyway, albeit, months later.


Now enjoy your clutter-free happy new year!

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