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Dohars & Comforters: How Do They Differ & When Should You Use Them | Sleepcosee

Dohars vs Comforters

Dohar blankets and Comforter sets are equally useful under their intended circumstances. Putting together a beautiful bedroom can be expensive and overwhelming.


But a few thoughtful purchases can help you keep the costs to a minimum while still making your bedroom cosy and comfortable.


However, understanding the individual definitions of all the bedroom-ware is your first hurdle. Quilts, dohars, comforters, blankets, bedspreads - they all have their own purpose.


But it is important that you know where and when to use them. This article explains in detail how dohars and comforters differ from each other and from other similar bedroom accessories.


Why Is It Important To Understand The Difference?

Why Is It Important To Understand The Difference?

Most parts of our country experience harsh winters for almost half of the year. A comfortable bed just wouldn’t be enough to get through this freezing temperature.


You must try and keep your bedroom in sync with the season that you’re currently in. Using the same set of blankets and sheets all around the year might sound like a cost-saver but would do very little in terms of comfort.


Dohar blankets and comforter sets have their own set of unique characteristics. Contrary to popular opinion, they don’t look or feel the same way while you use them.


What Are Comforter Sets?

Comforter Sets

A comforter often gets mistaken for a quilt or duvet. Comforters are thick and sometimes quilted. Most of them have multiple layers with each layer made up of different materials.


Some of the popular comforter fillings are feathers, wool, silk and polyester batting. Comforters owe all their praise to how thick they are.


But it also directly affects its weight because the thicker a comforter gets the more filling it has. Originally designed to act as bedspreads, comforters are now popular for maintaining an ideal body temperature both in summers and winters.


Make sure you have a look at Sleepcosee’s Reversible all-weather comforter sets that can stop you from wasting your money on products that you’ll only use for a few months of a year.

What Are Dohar Blankets?

Popularly known as “Razai” in Asia, dohars blankets are one of the most important winter accessories that every household should have.


Dohar blankets come with a case or a cover with vivid hues and shades. Most manufacturers use cotton or silk to stitch the cover of the dohars.


The interior filling is often either cotton or fibre that gets stitched in unique patterns. These patterns are one of the most unique and defining features that dohars have.


This stitching style is often what differentiates dohars from a comforter. It keeps the filling from distributing throughout the entire volume of the dohar. But they are subtle enough to keep the dohars smooth and soft.


Dohars serve their best during winters and keep you warm during the coldest of night. If you are on the lookout for a super soft and lightweight dohar, check out some of Sleepcosee’s Best Dohar Collections.


What’s More Practical?

Dohar blankets comforters


Dohar blankets are easy to wash. All it needs is a cold water rinse with some mild detergent. Since it’s not that thick, it manages to dry out pretty quickly. You can also choose to iron your dohars with medium heat to straighten out the wrinkles.


Comforter sets, as we just discussed, are thick and heavy. You can wash comforters occasionally but frequent washes can deteriorate them. In terms of maintenance, a dohar is more practical.



In the end, it boils down to your preference and requirements. Both comforters and dohars have unique solutions to the problems they solve.


Comforters are luxurious, thick and super comfy. But you might not be able to wash them frequently without reducing their fluff.


Dohars, on the other hand, are soft and smooth. Their fluff doesn’t match up to a comforter but you can wash them frequently to keep them clean.


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