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Follow These 10 Tips To Get Your Little One To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Your Little One To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Every festival brings with it joy and celebrations and gifts and… yes, tiredness and lots of work. And if you have kids, you are probably going to be extra tired this Christmas.
While kids are definitely the adorable bundles of joy, they are also the mini dynamites full of the blast, constantly energetic and active.
Although it’s very difficult to get kids to sleep on Christmas eve, these ten tips will ease your problem.

1. Keep them active throughout the day

Keep them active throughout the day

Yes, let them take it all out of their system and make sure they play all day. And these games must be active games and no lazing around while watching television or playing videogames on the couch.

Being active all day will make them tired enough in the evening to fall asleep easily.

2. Encourage them to have a bath before bed

kids bath before bed

A hot bath before bed can do wonders for sleep. It has been proven by researchers that a bath before bed induces better sleep and relaxes the body and mind.


Plus, all that tiredness of the day has to be washed away, right?

3. A glass of warm milk before bed

A glass of warm milk before bed

Timely sleep is essential for your children even on Christmas eve and milk is a good way to ensure that. Milk makes for a nice supper for kids which induces sleep. As it turns out, milk has melatonin which regulates the sleep and wake cycle.

4. Keep sugar intake to a minimum throughout the day

Keep sugar intake

According to a 2016 study, people who have a higher intake of sugar tend to sleep less soundly and often have a disturbed sleeping cycle. So cut out those candies and chocolates if you want your toddler to sleep on time!

5. Turn off TVs, games and cell phones

Turn off TVs, games and cell phones

TV and cell phones are directly responsible for hindering sleep because of screen time. The bright screen should be avoided before bedtime for a good quality sleep.


As for games, a stimulating game will definitely keep them excited and prevent them from sleeping. So no games or screens!

6. Stick to their normal bedtime routine

Bedtime routine

Since it’s a fun festival the next day, your toddlers might ask you to indulge them by saying something like, “not today” - but steel yourself and be prepared to say no to that cute face and voice.


Do not change anything for the sake of festivities - the same bedtime routine every night will ensure that your kid has a good sleep.

7. Send them to bed early

Baby Sleep

If you think your kid is not gonna fall asleep immediately because he/she is still very excited, then send them to the bed earlier. It might take some time on the bed to calm them down and go to sleep.


So snug them into that warm bed and blanket earlier than usual and read them a book. Here are a few ranges of soft bedsheets and blankets from cosee that will make their sleep even more peaceful.

8. Decide on a time for opening presents

kids opening presents

It’s better to decide on a time to open the presents already and tell your kids about it as it will give them a time to look forward to. Doing this will definitely relax their curious selves into sleep.

9. Make sure their surroundings are as normal as possible

Christmas tree

Check the temperature of the room - it shouldn’t be too cold or too warm. Make sure the room is dark but not completely devoid of light if your child has a tendency to get scared.


Surroundings play a huge role in promoting sleep and you should make sure it’s comfortable. Check their pillows are not too high or too low - they should be comfortable. You can check out this range of comfortable Cosee pillows for your home.

10. Remind them Santa won’t come if they aren’t asleep


Well, desperate time calls for desperate measures, doesn’t it? If your child has still not fallen asleep, then try this last trick which will definitely make them go to sleep on their own.


If your kid comes to know that Santa won’t come if they don’t sleep, that will make them hop right into the bed and go to the land of dreams.


So try out these tricks and have a magical Christmas with your kids and family!

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