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How Does Lacking Sleep Affect Weight Gain?

sleep affects weight

Most people starve themselves to look good without realizing how bad sleep affects weight. Sleep is a way to let your body feel good about itself. If you don’t respect it, your body would force you into searching for other options.


How many times have you found yourself craving sugary sweets and oily fast food? This is because there is a surprising connection between food addiction and sleep.


A bad sleep regime could completely cripple your body’s chemical signals that affect your appetite and your brain’s reward system. But sadly, this isn’t the only way how sleep affects weight gain.


Improper Sleep Messes With Your Hormone Cycle

Improper Sleep


To put this in simple words, we don’t have a chance to not eat for 8 hours continuously during the day but a good sleep cycle will allow you to do this.


Ghrelin, the hunger hormone that forces you to eat gets suppressed at night by leptin, the hormone that signals you to stop eating. Sleep apnea or lacking sleep affects weight because your body keeps secreting ghrelin.


Normal leptin secretion wouldn’t resume until you fix your sleep cycle. It is not enough to sleep 8 hours a day but you must also follow the same sleep time in order to maintain a proper circadian rhythm.


You Fall Into A Vicious Cycle

Vicious Sleep Cycle

Weight gain and lack of sleep are co-dependent. This means that if you gain weight, you’ll begin to experience improper sleep and improper sleep would again trigger weight gain.


This is a vicious cycle that is almost impossible to get away from unless you treat the underlying sleep disorder. It is equally important to manage your diet and exercise on the side to balance your body’s composition, hormones and weight.


Slowed-Down Metabolism

Slowed-Down Metabolism


Your body runs based on its own biological clock that’s a result of millions of years of evolution. The ghrelin-leptin imbalance that we spoke about directly affects your metabolism which is the rate at which your body burns calories.


The imbalance forces you to eat late nights which messes up your metabolism which in turn fails to tell your body that you’re done for the night. Follow a regular eating schedule and provide your body with all the energy it needs at regular intervals to prevent overeating.


The More Awake You Are The More Hungry You’ll Get

hungry sleep

It is no accident that you always end up hungry when you work late nights or finishing up your favourite NetFlix show. But make no mistake, your body has exhausted all its resources now.


So inevitably, it forces you to eat foods that are sugary. Basically, you are likely to grab anything that’s easy to pick up with very less little prep time.


Surround yourself with comfortable bedroom ware like Cosee Comfoters  and  superior quality luxury microfibre pillows to help you doze off peacefully when your body is tired. Because in cases of sleep deprivation, a poor sleep environment turns out to be the most popular cause.


Weight affects sleep just as much as sleep affects weight so reducing a few pounds could help you not just physically but also emotionally. You’ll end up feeling good about yourself which would again help you maintain what you did to achieve that.


A night of good sleep will help you control your impulses better which means you wouldn’t end up craving sugary and oily foods.


Most people pay no respect to where they sleep and have no idea that it has a major role to play. Where you sleep determines how you’ll sleep. Have a clean environment with comfortable bedroom ware from SleepCosee.

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