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How Often You Should Wash Your Bedsheets To Avoid Bugs?

How Often You Should Wash Your Bedsheets To Avoid Bugs

If you are an adult who likes to maintain a positive sleep pattern, there is a good chance that you spend around 7-8 hours a day in slumber, or 50-60 hours in bed a week.

Yes, we agree, there is nothing more joyous than a well-rested body. Experts equate a good night’s sleep to food and water when they talk about good health. 

Do you know some of us sweat a lot during sleep, while others tend to ooze bodily oils out of their glands?

The oil, makeup lotions, hair, fungal moulds picked during the day, dirt, dead skin cells, bodily secretions, and sweat build-up on our bedsheets can take us down the road of allergies, skin breakouts, skin inflammation, and more.

Makes you wonder how clean your bed is, no?

Washing sheets frequently to catch more shut-eye

how often should one wash the sheets?

Before you get into bed tonight, make sure your bedding is as clean as possible. The question that comes to your mind now is how often should one wash the sheets?

Most of the people who sleep in the same bed should take their bedding out for a wash every week.  The general rule of thumb is the closer the fabric is to the skin, the more frequently it should be disinfected and washed. 

If you:

    • sweat profusely, 
    • have allergies, acne, eczema, lesions, 
    • like to sleep with a pet, 
    • don’t take showers before bed, 
    • sleep naked, 
    • eat your takeaways in bed,

    It's highly recommended by dermatologists to wash your bed sheets every 3rd or 4th day to keep things as clean and healthy as possible.

    How to wash your sheets?

    How to wash your sheets?

    It is important for good health that you become rigorous in cleaning your sheets.

    Once you prepare yourself to run your linens through a wash cycle, you must wash your linens at the highest temperature possible.

    The hot water can kill germs, disinfect your linens, remove the oil, sebum, and grime build-ups. 

    Before preparing a wash cycle, keep in mind the size of load your washing machine can handle. Not all washing machines can handle big loads.

    A pair of king-size sheets will use up all the machine cycles on their own. So, don’t overload the washer with more than it can take.

    Roughly, you can wash four normal-sized bedsheets in a washing machine with 6 kg of drum capacity.

    How often do hotels wash their linens?

    How often do hotels wash their linens?

    Ever stayed in a cheap hotel and had a gross feeling about the sheets not being clean? Happens. A vast majority of hotels do not change their sheets between their guests.  

    However, major hotel chains change their linens fairly frequently or whenever the room occupancy is switched from one guest to another.

    Luxurious hotels are morally bound to make their guests feel welcome and fresh. 

    Have you ever wondered how hotel sheets are wrinkle-free all the time? Most of the hotels buy cotton-polyester blends as the fabric tends to crumple much less as compared to pure cotton. 

    Snooze on high-quality ones

    bedsheet with a high thread count

    If washing your sheets thrice a week seems like a lot more work to you, you can buy an extra couple of sheets to make sure that your bed is not a hotbed for microscopic life.

    The bedding experts suggest that to catch more Z’s, you should choose the best-rated, high-quality linen or cotton fabrics.

    For summers, you should buy cotton sheets, for they come with temperature regulating properties, thereby, keep you cool. Linen has proved to be hibernation-worthy. It can keep you snuggly warm in winters and breathable during summers.

    Linens are also easy to wash and can last forever if you care for them well. You should choose a bedsheet with a high thread count. A fabric with 300-400 threads per square inch is recommended for summers.

    The thread count should be above 400, in case you want your sheets to do the job of keeping you warm during chilly months.

    By this time, you must be ready to feel clean and fresh every time you get between the sheets, right? Sleep well, folks!

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