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How “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination” Keeps You Awake Until 3 AM?

revenge bedtime procrastinator

While we all are aware of different sleeping issues, have you ever heard of a revenge bedtime procrastinator?

In this article, Sleepcosee will tell you how some sleeping problems are an indicator of much deeper problems than just some bad sleeping habits.

Before we get started, let’s understand what we are talking about exactly - what is revenge bedtime procrastination and how can you tackle it?

 Revenge bedtime procrastination


Have you ever heard of the vastly used phrase “me-time” which indicates someone’s personal leisure time? This “me-time” is very important for a person’s mental health and helps them function properly and live a healthy, happy life.
But in today’s hectic life, we often fail to grab time for ourselves which we so desperately need - and here comes the revenge bedtime procrastination.
When we can’t live without our me-time, we steal this personal time by cutting on our sleep. Instead of going to bed at the right time, we instead relax and unwind by doing what we would have done if we had an hour or two extra in the day.
Indulging in this kind of behaviour is a way of taking revenge on your ‘busy day’ which didn’t allow you enough free time to unwind and relax.

Are you a revenge bedtime procrastinator?

Are you a revenge bedtime procrastinator?

So what does it mean to be one of these me-time seekers who have wrecked revenge-war upon their busy day?

Let’s see.

If you are someone who is staying up beyond bedtime hours for nothing else but unwinding after the day while reading a book, scrolling through your phone, texting and in general having fun, then you might be a revenge bedtime procrastinator.

If you are completely aware of the fact that this is unhealthy and you will have a bad and tiring day tomorrow and yet you don’t stop because it’s fun to have some free time for yourself, then again, this is the result of revenge bedtime procrastination.

It is always a conscious choice made in favour of leisure time over bedtime.

If you stay up late at night because you have to - extra assignment, work, insomnia, bad health, pain, overtime for career goals - then it’s not revenge bedtime procrastination. It’s just you working hard towards something, or because of something.

Impact of revenge bedtime procrastination

loss of sleep

It is tempting but it’s also dangerous to engage in revenge bedtime procrastination - you would be setting yourself up for a lot of mental and physical health issues.


Even though we acknowledge the benefits of having the coveted me-time, it will not benefit you if you do this at the cost of your healing sleep.


Many people often cite the importance and benefits of having leisure time but aren’t you just striking out the benefits of me-time by the disastrous impact that loss of sleep will have on your health?


Here’s what will happen to those who engage often engage in the infamous revenge bedtime procrastination-


  • Loss of focus

  • Poor thinking skills

  • Bad memory

  • Stress, anxiety and irritation

  • Short temper and fatigue

  • Poor performance at work


More severe impacts include health hazards like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, weaker immune system, depression and anxiety. This is definitely not the complete list, but it’s bad enough.

What to do?

Sleepcosee’s bedding gears Yoga

The biggest reason behind this behaviour is the desire to have some leisure time for yourself - and you can manage that.


Include your interests in your day in chunks of 10-20-30-40 minutes, whenever you are able to find some time for yourself.


Don’t wait for the day to end to relax and do what you’d like to do. We all get a period of breaks from our work - utilise that period. Make your sleeping environment and bed comfortable enough to induce quality sleep. Check out Sleepcosee's bedding gears to fall in love with bedtime and make it more inviting and cosy.


In the end, it all does come down to your will power and your desire to improve this habit - after all, we did say that revenge bedtime procrastination is a choice.


Once you learn how to manage time better by prioritising things, you will find both your me-time and your bedtime healthily back in your life.


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