New Dad Survival Guide: 5 Important Things To Know

New Dad Survival Guide

There can be nothing like bringing in that little bundle of joy that will become the centre of your world for at least the next 12-15 years. When you welcome a newborn child into your home and lives, nothing’s ever going to be the same again. With so many new changes looming over, your role as a father is a very crucial one.

Your responsibilities don’t just include taking care of the baby, but also accepting many permanent new changes. Happiness, cuddles, midnight cries, diapers and sleep deprivation - a lot is ahead of you.

Let’s see what are the most important things you will learn as the new dad and how to deal with them.

1.Get Involved

sleep deprivation

Get involved in everyday care and pampering involving your child. Taking care of a baby doesn’t just mean getting all the cuddles and play, it also means work - making baby formula, changing diapers, bathing, dressing, helping the infant sleep.


Getting involved in these daily activities yourself, not depending on your wife or house help, will help you develop a bond and learn how to take care of your baby independently.


2.Educate Yourself

New Dad Educate yourself

Learn about everything related to infants and their habits and cues. It’s important for you to understand one small, simple, but essential truth that your baby can’t verbally tell you what’s wrong. So if they are crying, it could be an uncomfortable cloth, not so good bed, maybe a wet diaper or bed.


As you learn more about your baby and about how infants, in general, react to different situations and discomforts, you will be able to help and find a solution. So learn as much as you can to keep your baby warm, safe and healthy.


3. Learn to prepare the baby bed

3. Learn to prepare the baby bed

It is extremely heartwarming to see your child falling asleep curled up on top of you as you rock your little bundle of joy with a lullaby, isn’t it? But you do realise that your lap can’t really be your child’s bed.


Make sure you prepare your baby’s bed properly so that it’s not just warm and soft, but also comfortable. An uncomfortable bed can be a source of disturbed sleep for your baby which is very harmful. Don’t bury him/her in so many layers of cloth that it becomes suffocating or uncomfortably hot. Don’t put the blanket above the shoulder if you do use one and make sure you lay the baby on his/her back.


Also, make sure you have baby dry sheets to use while preparing your infant’s bed. You can check out some baby dry sheets by COSEE to make sure your baby has a night of peaceful and comfortable sleep.


4.Sing a lullaby to your baby

Sing a lullaby to your baby

Singing a lullaby to your baby might be deemed as a mom’s task traditionally, but we need to talk about how various stereotypes are being broken today?


Once you take your baby in your arms and sing a lullaby while gently rocking him/her, you’ll see how rewarding this experience can be. This will not only deepen your bond with your baby but also stimulate your child’s cognitive and language development.


5.Dealing with lack of sleep

Dealing with lack of sleep

As much warmth, love and happiness as they bring to you, babies are also the reason why most parents often struggle with sleep deprivation and fatigue.


It can cause severe health problems if sleep deprivation gets serious. Do not refuse to take help whenever possible -from your own spouse, parents or a babysitter. Other times, you can try sleeping while your baby sleeps in order to avoid a lack of sleep.


Make sure taking care of your baby is always a fun process, even if tiring. Therefore it’s important not to say no to any kind of help - if you are well-rested and happy, you will be able to take better care of your child.


Enjoy the new fatherhood!

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