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Recovering From Sleep-Deprivation As A New Father: 6 Things You Can Do

Recovering From Sleep-Deprivation As A New Father: 6 Things You Can Do

Getting to be a father is one of the noblest things that a man can do. But raising a baby, on the other hand, could push your body to its limits.


More often than not, new fathers end up losing sleep. Because of the fact that most fathers work throughout the day, they have no option other than being sleepless when your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night.


But if you pay attention to this post carefully, you can learn how to adapt, improvise & overcome.


1.Consume Caffeine Responsibly

Consume Caffeine Responsibly

New fathers incline towards coffee as a resort to keep themselves awake throughout the day. The high amount of caffeine that coffee has might make it really hard for you to fall asleep.


Contrary to the popular belief, caffeine really takes a lot of time to exit your system than what people usually think.


The average time that your kidneys take to filter out all the caffeine from your bloodstream falls somewhere between 4 to 8 hours.


Still, it's impractical to quit coffee altogether but make sure you restrict yourself to a limit.

2.Stay Away From Technology As Much As Possible


Stay Away From Technology As Much As Possible

Now, this doesn't mean you should throw away all your gadgets out of your window but at least try to keep them away from your bedroom.


With a newborn in your home, you are already losing sleep which the blue light from your mobile phones and laptop screens could further extend. Your melatonin production gets seriously affected.


This is the hormone that instructs your brain when it's time to hit the bed. If you get woken up by your baby, don't use this as an opportunity to go and grab your mobile phone.

3.Sticking To A Routine Is Hard, But Keep Trying

Sticking To A Routine Is Hard, But Keep Trying

Sticking to a routine with a baby in your house is a tricky job to do. But with a little practice, you will start getting the hang of it.


No matter what, try to hit the bed as early as possible. So even if you're woken by your baby at 2 AM, you would have still had at least 5 hours of sleep.


Plan your work around the hours that you think your baby is going to be awake. This way you can keep yourself productive without losing any extra hours.

4. Nap Carefully

Nap CarefullySometimes, maybe the problem is sitting right under your nose waiting for you to notice. Most new fathers adopt the trend of having afternoon naps in between their work hours.


This, for many, might even become the best part of the day. But it is also going to make it difficult for you to sleep on your regular schedule.


Train your body to have power naps instead of having a long nap. This way you can stop yourself from drowning into a full-blown sleep.


Make sure you lay your head properly over a comfortable and well-built pillow like the luxury pillows from Cosee so you don’t wake up with neck pain.

5. Supplements Are Never The Answer

Supplements Are Never The AnswerThere is no supplement on earth that can serve as a viable replacement for a good night's rest. You have to realize the fact that sleep doesn't come in a pill.


There's hardly anything you can do to replace sleep, so don't seek unhealthy supplements that can lead you into having long-term side effects.


The only way to battle sleeplessness as a new father is to optimize your day better and alter your sleep time. Sleeping at an awkward time is still better than having no sleep at all.

6. Develop A Healthy Diet Routine


Develop A Healthy Diet RoutineFeeding your body with unhygienic foods is the second worst thing you can do to your body followed by sleeplessness.


Research states that ups and downs in your body's sugar levels make it hard for your brain to differentiate between days and nights.


As a new dad, consuming unusual amounts of sugar in periodic intervals can further push you away from having a good night's rest.


Start consuming more meat and reduce your carbohydrate intake but also don't starve yourself in the process.


If you think having to wake up once every hour is annoying, wait till you find yourself being unable to sleep when you have the chance.


The best way to handle insomnia is to just get out of your bed for a while and work on something till you feel the need to sleep. Following all these steps in order can really improve your odds so don't miss them.


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