Know It All with SleepCosee: Health Benefits of Snoozing on Memory Foam Pillow

Know It All with SleepCosee: Health Benefits of Snoozing on Memory Foam Pillow

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No one can deny the innumerable benefits of getting adequate sleep and its role in improving your quality of life substantially.

To list a few benefits, good sleep hygiene helps you prevent anxiety and fatigue, fight infections, regulate appetite, etc. From elevating your mood to lowering down the urge of overeating and fighting obesity, having good sleep hygiene can do many miracles.

Good shut-eye during the night can improve the quality of your daily life and keep your brain and heart-healthy. And despite all this, we somehow don’t take our sleep seriously. We can do a lot of things to maintain good sleep hygiene, but today we will talk about pillows - yes!

When it comes to good sleep, we often undermine the importance of comfy bedding. Adjusting your bed with a good set of sheets and a perfect pillow can help you fight insufficient sleep patterns.

A good pillow for maximum snooze support

A good pillow for maximum snooze support

Whenever we shop for our bedroom, we fork out on a couple of bed linens, often forgetting the importance of a good pillow.

A pillow does a lot more than just supporting your head. It acts as a bridge between you and your body, thereby, keeping your spine in proper alignment.

With the right type and size of a pillow, you can alleviate your sleep discomfort, get rid of your allergies, back pain, insomnia, and whatnot. 

As we know that sleep is subjective and a pillow is a pretty personal buy, we can conclude that one size doesn't fit all. Looking for an ideal pillow in a sea of pillows can be a pretty daunting task. 

High-Quality Pillow: Memory Foam Pillow

High-Quality Pillow: Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are polyurethane foam pillows, which come with breathable properties.

As the foam bubbles allow the matrix to create spaces in which air can move, it helps in keeping your body temperature controlled.

The material of these pillows contour the shape of your head and even respond to the pressure.

You can upgrade your pillows to these, in case your old pillows stopped returning to their original shape once you lifted your head.

Memory foam pillows are best known to give unparalleled comfort to your body. The pillow material absorbs dust and other infectious mites, which the traditional pillow often fails to do.

If you want to steer clear of allergies, and back pain, this could be your best investment in getting towards a healthier lifestyle and happier nights.

Benefits of a memory foam pillow

Benefits of a memory foam pillow

  1. The pillow accommodates your head, neck, and shoulders perfectly, therefore, preventing your head from unnecessary tilt. This benefits the body in getting rid of neck, shoulder, and body pain.

  1. Memory foam pillow keeps your head, neck, and spine in alignment, which results in keeping the air passages open, and further, remedying snoring.

  1. According to Amerisleep, “Memory foam absorbs motion and prevents it from transferring, hence, creating stability.”

  1. Therapeutic memory foam pillows are known to cure both acute and severe headaches, whiplash injuries, neck pain, spinal conditions, and strain earned from a sedentary lifestyle.

Depending on whether you’re a back sleeper, belly sleeper, or a side sleeper, and how your weight gets distributed while you sleep, different pillows accommodate your sleeping position

Once you get over with deciding your best sleeping position, you might want to consider the quality, loft and plushness of the material before investing in it.

So, before hurrying up into making your perfect pillow purchase, ask your body its sleeping style.

Choose your best pillow: Looking after it right

Choose your best pillow: Looking after it right

For back sleepers: If you like to sleep on your back, your body weight tends to distribute evenly on your shoulders. For this position, you should choose a pillow with a soft, plump filling, to prevent your head from leaning too far from one side. 

For side sleepers: If you're a side sleeper and still haven’t found the right pillow, you might have complaints of shoulder, hip, or neck pain upon waking up.

In this position, one side of your body bears most of the weight. Also, your headrests are far away from the mattress. 

Side sleepers should look for a pillow that fills the gap between their ears and shoulder.

This kind of pillow should come with a firm but not so thick filling, so that it will help your head in lying in one position, preventing nerve or muscle pain

For Belly sleepers: Stomach sleepers constitute 7% of the total population, making it a slightly uncommon position to doze off on. You might want to go for something formed of down and feathers.

 Surprising, isn’t it, how much our pillows can affect the quality of our sleep? So next time you are shopping for pillows, make an informed decision - something that’s worth your sleep and health!

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