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SleepCosee’s 6 Reasons Why Mothers Are Always Exhausted But Find It Hard To Sleep

Apart from the joy and unfathomable love that mothers have towards their babies, they often end up sleep-deprived. Society demands them to be happy all the time, but unlike what the stereotypes say, the reality is awful and disturbing. 

Studies suggest that over 78% of mothers with a newborn baby (less than 1-year-old) are suffering from severe insomnia in spite of the stress. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place, and here are the reasons why you’ve ended up losing sleep.

  • 1.Babies Don’t Stop Crying

  • Babies Don’t Stop Crying

  • A newborn could even cry once every single hour. Though they are only trying to communicate that they are cold, hungry, bored, wet or overstimulated, it could soon turn annoying. 

    When combined with their overall responsibility of managing the household, mothers find little to no time to rest their eyes. 

    Pediatricians suggest that it is not a sin if mothers don’t respond to their babies cries immediately. Most times, a baby would calm down without a mothers interference in a few minutes.

  • 2.Sleep Deprivation Works Both Ways

  • Sleep Deprivation
  • The more sleep-deprived you are, the more imbalanced your hormones become.  A deprivation cycle that lasts for months might eventually trick your body into believing that this is your new normal.

    Your pituitary gland would stop producing Melatonin, which promotes sleep, even if the conditions are favorable.

    But your muscles and tendons, on the other hand, find it hard to recover from soreness which keeps you tired all day.

  • 3.Uncomfortable & Unpleasant Sleeping Atmosphere

  • Uncomfortable & Unpleasant Sleeping Atmosphere
  • Although this is quite self-explanatory, most households pay little to no attention to their bedroom environment. SleepCosee stresses the fact that good sleep gear and a clean bedroom are absolute necessities for a new mother. 

  • In most cases, a super comfortable cosee printed comforter could do the trick. The fabric doesn’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. When combined with comfortable pillows and quilts from SleepCosee, there’s no way you can lack sleep.
  • 4.Frequent Breastfeeding In Late Nights

  • Frequent Breastfeeding In Late Nights
  • The struggle is real when you’re deep into sleep and you hear your baby crying its lungs out. Apart from the physical stress that a mother endures while breastfeeding, waking up from time to time could completely ruin your sleep cycle.
  • As a result, you end up sleeping whenever you feel like and pay no attention to the number of hours you sleep per day. If your average sleep hours per week is less than 50, chances are that you’re heavily sleep-deprived.
  • 5.You Think It Is “Normal”

  • Tired House wife
  •  It is important for new mothers to have a healthy discussion about their sleep-deprivation with their family. For the first 6 to 12 months, you can ask the members of your family to take care of the baby during your naps.

    You can ask your husband to calm the baby down if it cries in the middle of the night instead of you having to wake up.

    Support from your family members is crucial for you to get your most needed 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for at least 4 days a week. Also, say no to any additional responsibilities during this period. This includes weekend trips, shopping, etc.,

  • 6.It Is Not A Sin To Prioritise Yourself

  • new mothers

  • Sleep when your baby sleeps and let everything else wait. No one’s judging you and it is never a sin to priorities yourself. This is something new mothers never agree with. 

    It is tempting to do chores and wash the dishes when your baby sleeps, but understand that you’re never going to get this quiet time. Take a nap whenever you can. Period. 


    Pay close attention to your body’s well being for the first 6 months after childbirth because this is when your body becomes vulnerable to diseases and chronic conditions.

    The least you can do for yourself as a new mother is to gift yourself a comfy and super-soft comforter this march and if you are a husband who’s reading this, surprise your better half with the carefully assorted sleep collection from SleepCosee.
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