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SleepCosee | Why You Should Be Snoozing On A Holiday

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You deserve to have a holiday after spending weeks in your busy work schedule. Taking a break, snuggling in your comfortable bed, watching your favourite show, or getting a revitalizing sleep is your well-deserved right. 

According to high achievers, as much as your brain needs to be working hard to remain active, your body requires it to be relaxed. Taking a day off from work and pausing things down for a while can turn out to be really productive and stress-busting in the long run. 

All work and no sleep can take everything down from alertness to memory, to your innate creativity and learned productivity.
Good sleep proves not only beneficial to your mental and physical health but also helps your body cells to regenerate aftershock or stress.

Importance of sleep for students

Importance of sleep for students

Young adults, for example, college going students, require an undisturbed sleep of 7-8 hours, for it is mandatory for the alertness of the mind, immune system to function better, and for the body to be free of any illness.

So, if you’re a student who’s just sleeping for 6 hours in a fear of missing out on exciting things, and plan on catching up on deprived sleep over a weekend, you're putting your body through a form of torture.

A good night’s sleep, especially in your adulthood can help you cope with anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue, eating disorders and more.

Once you see through the changes a good snooze can bring to your daily life, you would want to ready your bedroom just for sleep and start using another room for homework and to hang out with friends.

Some of the tricks you can pull on your brain to make it doze off are, keeping the room dark and cool, using comfortable bedding, turning your screens off half an hour before going to bed.

Once you ready your brain for a proper sleep-wake cycle, you would start to see yourself fueled with energy all throughout the day, performing better in academics and other athletic activities.

Importance of sleep for pregnant mother and baby

Importance of sleep for pregnant mother and baby

It’s a well-known fact that a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy baby. More often, an expectant mother finds it challenging to sleep well.

Poor sleep at night can pose as serious problems as stillbirth, premature birth, or a newborn with abnormal immune function.

According to recent studies, babies were born healthy and comparatively active when the mother slept in a comfortable position on her sides.

While some of the women find it unnatural to sleep on their sides all the time, body pillows can do a lot to make it less terrible.

Importance of sleep for elderly

Importance of sleep for elderly

Research done by scientists at the University of California concludes that poor sleep, as we grow older, can cause degeneration of brain cells, resulting in memory loss in later stages of life.

Deep and undisturbed sleep is important as the brain processes, carries our memories to the long-term storage area and retains new information when we doze off.

While it's impossible to stop your memory from fading away, you can try your best by improving the quality of your sleep.

For starters, you can do exercise, try arranging your bed with comfortable pillows in your favourite designs and patterns, and putting away your electronics before sleeping.

You can also try deep breathing techniques to relax your body and mind to sleep peacefully through the night.

While the importance of sleep is always understated in our homes, it's as important as eating and exercising when it comes to good health.

Poor sleep is linked to common body illnesses like weight gain, leading to obesity, overeating, lack of concentration, heart diseases, less insulin sensitivity, impaired immune function, cell degeneration, anger issues and social distancing.

Now that you know the importance of a daily snooze, you can get your bed ready with cooling mattresses and night masks. Sleep tight, folks!

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