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SleepCosee's Crafty Hacks: Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

SleepCosee's Crafty Hacks: Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Now that you have spent your bed sheet fabric for months, you might want to get rid of your old linens. Throwing away your favourite fabrics seems pretty unfair to all those hours spent in getting your bed of dreams ready.

Are they not too worn out to end up in a landfill and are begging to be used in places other than your bed?

There are a lot of ways in which your bed sheets can be repurposed.

Turn it into a DIY duvet

Having a tough time looking for good, affordable duvet covers? Sigh. Duvet covers can brighten up your bedroom but can break your bank too.

You can custom-made your own covers using not-in-use sheets.

If you have a pair of flat sheets, you can wash and turn them into a cover by clipping their corners together.

You can also add a fancy fringe to your favourite vintage sheets for making a duvet cover for your quilt or comforter.

Turn them into cleaning towels

As more and more people are adopting environment-friendly ways, tissues and paper cleaning towels are becoming a thing of the past.

Thinking of spending on cleaning cloths to keep your home germ-free? Wait. Grab a pair of scissors and cut your old sheets into small rectangular pieces and use them as dusters.

You can also turn old bed sheet pieces into cleaning wipes by adding alcohol, dish soap and water into an air-tight container and dipping the sheet pieces till they absorb all the cleaning mixture. Isn’t it a great cleaning hack for your kitchen?

Protect your garden bed

Old, dark-coloured bed sheets with high thread counts can act as a weed barrier for your kitchen garden, whereas lighter sheets can be used as makeshift plant covers during winters and hailstorms.

Block heat with neutral-coloured sheets

As the weather becomes hot, your electricity bill tends to go up. Keeping your room air-conditioned is not the only way to buffer your sweet home from the sun.

Your sleek, neutral-coloured sheets can make great curtains as they insulate your room from outside heat.

Neutral-coloured blinds can reduce heat absorption by approximately 30 per cent.

Weave rugs out of worn-out sheets

Weave rugs out of worn-out sheets

If your sheets are torn or too worn out to be a part of your bedding, don’t worry about throwing them away, there is still some use left in them.

You can rip your damaged sheets into long strips, braid them throughout the length and sew them together to make a rug of your desired shape and size.

Wear your sheets as pyjamas

Wear your sheets as pyjamas

You can use your favourite flowery, cotton fitted sheets to make comfy and breezy pyjama sets for yourself and your little ones.

You’re just going to need a bedsheet, a sharp pair of scissors, measurement of your little one and very limited sewing skills.

Pup’s spreads using your old sheets

Pup’s spreads using your old sheets

If you are a dog parent, you must be out of clean sheets for your four-legged baby all the time. Stay calm, we are going to tell you the quickest way to make your dog a comfy bed.

Yes, you have guessed it right: we are repurposing your bedsheets.

You can take your old bedsheet and fold it in half. Don’t forget to stuff it with the foam before sewing its ends together.

No surprise, your dog is going to love its new bed as it can sniff your innate scent even when you’re miles away.

Craft them into a quilt

You can give your old cotton and polyester sheets a new life by turning them into makeshift quilts.

You can use outdated prints and fabrics, layer them together and turn them into a lightweight summer quilt.

Choosing contrasting fabrics for both faces can make them reversible in use.

Turn them into pillowcases

old sheets into pillowcases

As pillowcases have built up of oil, dirt, sweat, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other dust mites.

Experts suggest that you should wash your cases as frequently as twice a week.

After reading this, you might be thinking of putting money into new ones. Don’t bother running off to the market as you can turn your old sheets into pillowcases.

This free-of-cost DIY not only prevents you from the hustle of washing your bedding twice a week but also keeps your body free from allergens.

Now that we have suggested ways to repurpose your bathroom storage closet, you can bring to life even your most faded and worn-out bed sheets.

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