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Stop Snoozing! Try These 6 Tips To Make Winter Wake-Ups Easier

Stop Snoozing! Try These 6 Tips To Make Winter Wake-Ups Easier

Winter is awesome for many reasons - eat all your comfort foods, layer away underneath that pile of sweaters and sleep all-day comfort in a blanket.


You’ll rarely get better sleep in any other season compared to winters. There’s a reason why all the great stories talk about working hard in summers and sleeping warm in winters.


But, unfortunately, we aren’t living in an ancient grandma story. Bummer. We have work. We have a career, and as tempting as it might be, we need to get up!


We have to brave the cold and leave the comforts of our warm bed at least 5-6 days a week. But how the hell do you do it every morning?


Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this struggle - we understand your pain all too well. It’s our pain too. But we have some tips that will help you out of your bed every morning on time and shake that sleep out of your body.

1. Drink - before and after!

Drink - before and after!

We’re talking about warm water or any herbal tea - something hydrating for sure- right before going to bed.


Let’s face it, our inability to get out of the bed in winters is rooted in extreme laziness and a day of work ahead is a rather bad incentive to wake up sooner. But no matter how comfortable the bed is, you will have to get up to use the bathroom.


Drinking water before bed will make sure you wake up in the morning on time. And once you wake up, have another glass of water. Drinking a glass of water right after waking up helps in stimulating the body and shaking off the sleep.


2. Make your bed immediately!

Make your bed immediately!

A big mistake many of us make is that even after having brushed and all, we lie down on the bed just for a minute. Don’t do that, buddy.


Making your bed right after waking up, without wasting an extra minute will help you shake off the sleep. It’s a mildly physically active thing to do which will definitely beat the winter laziness off!

3. Do some mild exercise!Do some mild exercise!

Exercising boosts your energy and is a good way to start the day - especially in winters when your energy is kind of frozen by the cold.


It might not be possible to get into a full-blown exercise, but keep moving your body. For example, walk around while brushing your teeth. Fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea before you start making your bed.

4. Go to bed earlyGo to bed early

Modern humans are notorious for staying up till late and missing out on the necessary 7-8 hours sleep per night. And although it’s never good to miss your sleep, it’s especially a bad idea in winters.


Cold itself makes it hard enough to wake up and lack of required sleep is hardly going to help you with your goal here. So make sure you are going to bed on time and getting enough sleep every night.


Put away all the distractions, get into a comfortable blanket and slumber away your tiredness for a fresh morning. Check out these comfortable Cosee Pillows and Bed Sheets which will make you wanna tuck into the bed sooner every night!

5. Stretch in the bedStretch in the bed

You have to do this as soon as you open your eyes in answer to either alarm or nature’s call. Take a minute to stretch in the bed itself, move your arms and legs around.


Our first instinct after waking up in winters is to snuggle deeper in the blankets as we struggle to keep our eyes open. And then you snooze off and sleep again.


Stretching is your very first active movement where you open your body to morning energy and which will definitely help you in getting out of the bed.

6. Take a showerTake a shower

If you are still feeling sleepy after doing all of this, then you need to take a shower right away. It can be tempting to miss the shower every alternate day or so in winters but don’t do it.


Taking a shower will help your muscles relax and wake up. Moreover, if you are feeling sleepy even after an hour of waking up, then there are high chances that you’ll have a lousy day at work.


Taking a shower will improve your mood and shake you out of lethargy.


We hope that these tips will help you wake up sooner. Now go and claim that beautiful winter morning!

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