With These Cotton Dohar You Will Love Coming To Bed Every Night!


India has erratic weather which fluctuates every now and then. The regular Top sheets / Quilts / Blankets available in the market will make you feel sultry and stiff. This is because they serve no purpose other than providing you heat. 


To feel comfortable again, all you need is a breathable dohar. With COSEE Organic Cotton Dohar you will never lose sleep and always wake up relaxed. They are made with the best quality organic cotton fabric making them soft but durable.


Dohar is known for its luxurious touch and feel. This organic cotton dohar compliments any bed type and instantly improves the way your bedroom looks. Apart from the comfort they offer, they are loaded with features to ensure that you get the most value for the money.


Available In Attractive Designs and color options :


This Organic Cotton Dohar is a great addition to your bedroom decor. They do not stop just by giving you a warm and blissful sleep. They make your bedroom look stunning at an incredibly affordable cost.


COSEE Organic Cotton Dohar makes your bedroom look a little more Royal. They are available in a lot of designs with color combos. You can choose what suits best for your room.


Get Two For The Price Of One


Our Organic Cotton Dohar is reversible. The designs are different and equally attractive on either side of the dohar. Instead of choosing a lame bedsheet which with boring designs, you can spice things up with our dohar. 


Stylish, Soft, Comfy and What Not!


COSEE Organic Cotton Dohar has a layered ultra-breathable fabric made from nothing but the best cotton threads and weaving technology. This is one area where it stands out from the rest of its competition. 


They come in the perfect length to cover your entire body. There are individual dohar available for both single and double cot. 


Zero Maintenance Costs


Unlike most expensive sheets, COSEE Organic Cotton Dohar doesn’t need any special washing treatment. You can toss them inside your regular washing machine and they will never lose their properties, remaining the same for a prolonged period of time.


Superior Quality Dohar For A Super Affordable Price!


Comfort Redefined. Hurry And Get Yourselves One!