Nirvana Pure Mattress

Grandeur Nirvana Pure Mattress

Nirvana Pure Mattress

Now get a Nirvana Pure Mattress on your budget.

We believe that sleep is equally necessary for all. At Cosee you will not have to purchase different mattresses, the design and 7-layer latex foam composition of this mattress appease people who prefer varying degrees of firmness. 


  • The 7 - Pressure Zone
    • A 7-pressure zone layer is present in our Nirvana Pure Mattress.
    • With grooves running the length of the latex foam layer, we have created a 7 Pressure Zone layer. 
  • Diverse support
    • With Nirvana Pure Mattress your body's heavier regions, such as your hips and shoulders, receive greater support. Your neck and legs are lighter, these are supported by softer zones.
  • Enhanced comfort
    • Additional cushioning is also provided by the trenches in the 7 Pressure Zone layer, which enhances comfort and support while softly lulling you to sleep.
  • Avoid body heat
    • The air can circulate through the layers, thanks to the grooves, which also prevent body heat from accumulating on the surface layers. This keeps you comfortable and improves your sleep. 
  • Belgium knitted layer along with zipper cover
    • The mattress's luxurious knitted outer cover from Belgium features a zipper as well. 
    • Zippers can be removed and machine washed to provide improved mattress hygiene and shield you from dirt and dust. 
  • Dual side 
    • Nirvana Pure Mattress has knitted covers on both sides. You need not worry about which side goes up. 
    • If you are too tired to clean the stains on one side of the mattress, just flip it over and it is ready to use.
  • Unbeatable warranty
    • We understand that Mattress is an investment and not an expense.
    • You should not have to buy it more often.
    • Hence, Cosee Nirvana Pure Mattress comes with a 12 years warranty. 

 Cosee mattresses are available in king and queen sizes. Nirvana Pure Mattress is one of our Grandeur ranges. This luxury mattress is available at pocket-friendly rates. Buy now and attain Nirvana-like sleep every day.