11 Easy Steps to Restyle Your Bed

11 Easy Steps to Restyle Your Bed

When life becomes busy, it's easy to forget about your bedroom decor. Clothes pile up on chairs; linen ages and furniture gets bumped and scratched. Moreover, once purchased, useful furniture does not serve the purpose anymore. 

Fortunately, restoring your bedroom to a state of complete relaxation is simple. All you need is some style inspiration and a little decluttering. Kurt Lewin developed a strategy Unfreeze - change - Refreeze. On similar lines, you can pursue redecorating your room, Cleanse - Change - Check.

You don't have to spend too many hours cleaning. Instead, you can start with one corner a day. And you will gradually succeed in restyling your room. 

1 - Cupboards and Drawers

Cupboards and DrawersIf you are unable to decide where to start from, open your wardrobe. Begin with cosmetics that you don't use anymore. Eyeliners and mascara that are dried up definitely belong to the trash can. Accessories that are broken or out of style should be either fixed or donated. Whether you have been using the facial kit or not, expired beauty products are a big 'No.' And thus, you will have started with a small corner of your room. 

2 - Clutter Cleaning

Clutter cleaning

On the same idea, you can now move on to your clothes, books, festive decorations, and all the things that you pile up for an imaginary future possibility. 

Another important pile-up is the documents. You don't have to hoard the bills from year to year. The maximum limit for taxation papers should be 10years. Your maintenance bills, gas bills, and electricity bills should not date older than 5 years. Anything older than that should be visiting an old paper mart.

3 - Seasonal Clothing 

Seasonal clothing

Indian houses often have lofts and storage beds. If you have travel bags that occupy a large space you can always place them in your loft. Seasonal apparel and blankets can be put inside the bed. And even if you don't have a storage bed, you can pack these in a box or a bag and place them under your bed.

4 - Needless  Items

Needless  Items

Everybody tends to be habituated with their stuff. Old bolsters, night lamps, side tables, and chairs that are not useful anymore. You should change these unused items. If you are trying to change the look of your bedroom, the old and unnecessary stuff will have to go. You can sell, donate, or just put them in the loft or storage but surely not in the room. If you do not wish to throw away your bedsheets here are some handy tips on how to reuse them.


Transforming the look of your bedroom should not necessarily mean being expensive. You can just change the direction of the unfixed furniture, paint your walls, and get a new set for your bed sheets and blankets.

5 - Color Scheme

Color Scheme

To create a minimalist view, you can choose a pale color scheme for your walls. Try bringing in more natural light in the room. If the light does not interfere with your afternoon naps, you can opt for white curtains. All-white furniture and walls will brighten up the room and make you feel fresh. You can also choose monochromes of blue or simply back and white.

6 - Art and Desks

Art and Desks

For a minimalist look, keep the wall hangings and photo frames to the least. Just an artwork over the bed's head or nothing at all. Keep your side desks clean, and use organizers to store your day-to-day accessories. Instead of placing a frame on the desk, hang it on the wall. An indoor plant can be dangled from the hook rather than keeping it by the window.

7 - Bedding


To make your room look spacious you should do away with a bed canopy. To increase the longevity of your mattress use a soft antibacterial mattress protector. Avoid using a lumpy mattress. Paying for a new mattress will be much more comforting than paying a doctor for your back pain. You can also choose a box spring bed or platform bed. This will make your bedroom look big. 

8 - Keeping a Check

Keeping a check on the clutter

Once you have cleansed and redecorated your bedroom, it is now time for the most important part. Keeping a check on the clutter. Mess works like a magnet. It draws more mess. More so because once you start with hiding undone things in a corner it is procrastinating every time, or you are too bored to spruce up.

9 - Simple Organizing Hacks

organizer baskets and shelves

Use the organizer baskets and shelves that you invested in. Place your keys in the holder, shoes in the rack, rings and necklaces in a small tray or dresser. Put your books back on the shelf after reading.

Fold your clothes before putting them away in the cupboard. Segregate them whether you want to reuse them before washing or do they need to be steam ironed before wearing. Clothes that need washing should find their place in the laundry basket and nowhere else.

10 - 10 Minutes Routine

10 Minutes Sleep Routine

One thing you do know is that consistency is the key. You will have to dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to keep your bedroom neat. You can imbibe tiny changes in your routines. 

Fold the blankets and fluff the pillows immediately after you wake up. This will make you feel less drowsy when you see your bed during the day. Open the curtains and windows completely. Breathe in the fresh air.

11 - Floors and Lighting

Floors and Lighting

Placing a plush carpet in your room will add variation to your floor. You can opt for a vibrant color or light color palette for your rug. Use layered lighting to create depth in your room.

Your bedroom should be the sanctity of your relaxation. Everything around is directly or indirectly connected to your mood and vibes. A clean and tidy bedroom will give you serene vibes and a good shut-eye.





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